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  1. Good good and good,. My mate Gary (Newb) thoroughly enjoyed the games and learnt loads from Jamie as did I ! I owe Jamie S. a drink (or two) for the mag I haven't forgotten. Gotta see the footage from the night vision camera as I did feature on it in the embassy.
  2. 22nd Black Ops Night Game 2 x MP5 mags Tree line / ditch running along upper car park has black insulation tape and sliver paint on. Oddjob : one mag found, Arranging pickup
  3. Great day, my mate Gary who I brought along was a noob and will be definitely airsofting again. (Especially after shooting the "Super soldier" in the erm Cock). That was a great game and Jamie was a cracking sport for doing that. I did nearly damage my pants when he came into the room where iI was. Other players were shouting in fear and my voice went up a couple of octaves when the super soldier peppered me in the ribs. Great day. Will a Super Soldier be returning?
  4. Seven kills at D4 from one thunderflash put a big grin on my face well into the next day.
  5. Seems the reds have had their say. The Rush games were good, but should have gone on longer. The marshals ended the game due to some "confused" players? just as the yellows were gaining momentum. I must admit I prefer the all day games such as the Corp Wars etc. It was a bit frustrating when the action really got going the game ended. Maybe this due to the size of the site and it taking time to move from point to point. I think a good short game idea could involve maybe opposing teams say for example starting from opposite ends of the Embassy making the action almost instant. There were obviously some inexperienced players getting excited and blind firing, not feeling the hits, and shooting people in the Yellow regen, to whom I colourfully explained was unsporting. The pistol v AEG game was great fun and I now apologise to Jamie s for the third time for the shots to his rib. 12th next
  6. Sorry dude. Only three shots
  7. I've finally had time to give some feedback. An excellent day. I thoroughly enjoyed the tension throughout the morning, searching and apprehending suspects who were giving us attitude, fantastic role playing. It was pretty tricky for the DEA though with the regen in the base when the action commenced, but I wasn't that bothered, it was a really good laugh especially when a grenade landed at my feet and the LA gang pinched all our stuff. I got quite a few kills at the Armoury - some nice long shots too, But my highlight was raiding the Mexican crate and getting about five kills with Mk5s. Awesome Wanna do this type of game again:)
  8. Graham Cook - No hire - eater of meat - LAW Payed £30 full fee
  9. Will do....... Makes me wonder how many old timers are playing airsoft.
  10. Paintball in the beginning was really good with low capacity ten shot guns with a bit of guile and tactics. But when the semi autos came in it was too expensive to be competitive. The more money you had the more paint you would shoot and going up against teams who'd brought a van full of ammo wasn't much fun Then you had the wipers. Gave it up when I bought my first house. Had been looking at airsoft online for a while but was too busy to try it until earlier this year when I tried it out at Airsoft Xcalibre where everyone was really welcoming, good bunch of guys made some new friends. I discovered that the game was more honourable than paintball with more realism how paintball was when I started playing. Yes the guns are fully auto, but the ammo is cheap. The only downfall of airsoft xcalbre is the frequency of the games. There should have bee one this Sunday but it was cancelled due to lack of interest and some of them come from Yorkshire with times being hard. Fortunately I've played there three times as a member and got the UKARA. I think once you've played airsoft you won't go back to paintball. Good plus about Anzio is I live in Congleton and it's not that far away.
  11. Hey up I'm local to Anzio...been playing airsoft for 3 months totally hooked on airsoft - was keen paintballer about 20 years ago ahem!...Yeah I'm an old git....booked into Saturday 6th game. Might need a zimmer frame for mounting my mp5 on.
  12. Graham Cook - gscook242 - Sat - Meateater - PEC (if Flcktrn OK) or UK - Own kit - £20 deposit payed