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  1. Well what a good day at Wrexham big thanks to marshals and bongo for the epic games loved the afternoon game were the yellows were trying to get the bombs to the other locations and the reds were trying to stop us. that was a fast pace game . loved the pistol vs aeg at the end like above said I did not think that they would last so long but well done to them . Yet again I failed to shoot Greg at the end game well there is always next time lol . thanks again to all the wildcard that came out and any news on the pics and vids would love to see them. :) kyle .
  2. well what a good day at Wrexham big Thankyou to Bongo and all the marshals the best parts of the day well there are so many to list . best thing was the wildcards getting split up that was the first good part off the day the second is hunting Gregg and Dave lol but the best part off the day was when i was hid in the bushes with Quinn and Dave walked past and did not see us then some new people walked past and we smashed all three off them .lol perfect spot and timing loved the games that Bongo did they were good and fast moving . and thanks to gregg for shooting us in the Arse and making us dance lol( get you back for that) . big thanks to every one that came and made it a epic day out . we will be back for some more very soon thanks again kyle :) :)
  3. Excellent day thanks to Bongo & the marshals, also the weather was kind to us, Bongo the mortar game was rocking more please. Thanks to all the wildcats who where on the other team, get you next time around you know who you are G .
  4. I have to agree with Lee morning was pants the afternoon just got better .
  5. Kyle- own kit paid deposit
  6. Any photos Bongo ?
  7. what a grand day had a good laugh going down with dunk and greg and rob and the best bit of the day is when greg threw a smoke and some one screamed grenade and ran off down the bank . [ that was a win ] the blue team worked well together good use of radio communication and good movement well done blue team . big thank you to all marshals and thank you to bongo for a smashing day . loved every min of it what a brill site :) :) kyle
  8. Just like to say thanks to the Anzio immortals that turned up and joined in with the wildcards they were a big help with their support weapon Also Matt that sounds good to us
  9. What a pleasure it was to play yesterday, was dead on my feet when got home slept through the match( does not look like i missed much ) I am sure there is a bog monster that lives at the bottom of Hamburger as it got me three time right up to the knees Thanks to the Djinn and all the wildcards that made it a great day hope for many more days like this one.
  10. great pics and is there any more pics to be put on what was a grand day kyle
  11. hi all thank you for a grand day, everything went to plan and the wildcard's with the help of the dijjin did well getting all the objectives back to the base . a big thank you to all marshals and Jaime and bongo for a grand day and thank's to epic Dave for his leadership kyle
  12. Great weather, Great site, Great people to airsoft with, Great big thanks to Bongo and the marshals,Great game play by everyone, what more can I say but what a Great day sorry one more thing thanks to Big Dave
  13. Is this event taking place sun 24th Bolton - Djinns 2nd Picnic