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  1. 4th of july open day anzio leek beretta m93r asg pistol the weapon has some scratches on it and the hammer has landed on the hard floor more than once so some dints on that part last seen below the magazine in the wooded area
  2. Fantastic day today, marshals were brill and the games were challenging,,,,, note to ones self , get on the pistol and springs team next time.. We got mullared. Thanks again guys
  3. terrific day today, prefer the long games rather than stop start. was great being part of the winning blue team especially as we were outnumbered. mastercheif that stretcher was bloody heavy, even carrying them in my day job did not help. great day thanks to everyone at first and only
  4. fantastic photos..really captured a great day
  5. as everyone above....great day do like staying out till food time better than stopping after each scenario great sportsmanship on both sides with everyone taking hits thanks again
  6. was my first time at anzio and it was mint. i liked the the idea of just breaking for lunch as it was better than stopping and starting. will be going again cheers f&o
  7. thanks for that i will check it out. its very addictive can't wait to get involved again thanks again
  8. hi all, attended bolton site on 31 july. amazing day jamie thank you, my son ben and me loved it and both are keen to come again. how much would you say was average to set up and equip. please advise on costs etc. think were hooked regards chris and ben