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  1. I've got a pair of magnum sidewinders and can't praise them enough.. Comfortable brand new so no blisters or having to wear in, excellent resistance to water penetration, easy to get on and off, hard wearing so far... I even use them to walk the dogs in the fields by my house and can't rate them enough.
  2. the mag you get takes 500 or 600 rounds which will be more than enough to last a whole game. you can just top it up inbetween games and then you wont have the need to change the mag mid game. have fun!
  3. i see your point... but have you considered if the purple elephant is just outside of the cotton wool area? this could seriously effect FPS
  4. He does raise a good point...
  5. That would be me fella, sorry about that was it on the stairs in d5 i think ?
  6. we all know the frustration of this too well.. eg eye protection fogging up but as the others have said what you need to do is get a marshalls attention and let him deal with it.... turning around is no good in my opinion, thats where the sneaky bastards usually are
  7. Sorry matey it obviously came across in completely the wrong way . i only brought it up as there are alot of people who think the window down abit is enough for the dog to stay cool (which it isnt as the video shows). Its just coming from somebody who owns 2 dogs and loves them to bits so i know how gutted you would be if something were to happen to yours. cheers
  8. oh and also who ever brought there dog i know it may seem like a good idea to get them out the house or whatever but seriously you cannot leave your dog in a car/van all day. especially since we had quite abit of sun. the kennel club have been running a campaign on it this summer! dont cook your dog! EDIT: im gunna post this somewhere else on the forum too!!
  9. i used 3 pea grenades, so technically i had a fecking awesome day! but yeh the brief was a little sketchy, doesn't really bother us regulars because it gets us in the game faster but at the same time it showed when there was quite a few people confused as to certain rules..... such as the guy attempting to apply to bang rule to 2 of us wildcards only to be informed by a pair of 0.25's that we dont play that at F&O (that was definitley covered in the brief tho, obviousley just wasnt listening) overall id say the day was pretty average and the morning scenario was abit long for some of the more unmotivated plays... and it showed. not enough use of ridge base and the outpost, DEFINITLEY not enough use of the dam... as there never is :/ dont know why because the dam is awesome !!! Cheers
  10. to be honest... no matter what you buy weather it be an aeg or a mask etc... your gunna see something else what you like by your first game more and buy that... then again... then again.. then you fall into the slippery pit that is airsoft... then you'll become a geardo. best advice is just come along with some decent boots. everything else you need is included in the hire package (apart from ammo).... speak to players, ask if you can try on their face protection, have a nosey at their aegs.. dont rush into it and waste your money early on. hope you have fun !
  11. by 'too busy getting shot at' you mean 'attempting not to be dragged into a bush and raped by dunk while waiting for medic' we all seen it! bongo definitley took a few.... but as we know hes still on AOL dial up by the sounds of it so they will probably be a while!! one of the immortals sarah had a head cam, didnt see a gun cam tho.
  12. Dont know why your so impressed dunk, i always start my day with a good splash of terps to the face.... Keeps me on my toes
  13. Oh and for all you piss takers who abused my multicam boots all day (gregg you jelous bastard)... They cleaned up spotless...
  14. Must say this was probably the best open day ive been to so far! nice low numbers, brilliant gameplay, good setup for the games... Always have an awsome day it wrexham is a brilliant site with so much to offer. Especially enjoyed looking for bongo up the far end of the site in the fields with all them 7 foot high plants. All the hire lads played really well too, nice to not have have a gang of bellends turn up and ignore everything they were told in the morning brief. Us wildcards (and immortals dave & sarah) absolutley kicked ass and played really well as a team. My favorite moment of the day (which only i was so lucky to see) was bongo come flying round the corner on a purple mountain bike with his Sten in one hand just about to murder me and adam from the back.... But hit a muddy puddle and went ass over tits into a bush, brilliant stuff I definitley fear 'Le Bongo sten' tho, shot me in the ass and its still killing me! Good stuff
  15. good stuff. i remember somebody taking pictures?