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  1. I lost a battery cover from an AEP Scorpion up near the top bunker area on the 14th November if anyone's happened to find it? (It's only small; less than 2" x 1" so not holding out much hope.
  2. Yes, I know the site; I've been a few times, but would like to get some photos to be able to show them; try and convince them to give it a try if anyone has some, please! I've only got a few; none of which really came out too well unfortunately!
  3. Does anyone have some photos of the site they could link me to, please? Got some friends possibly interested in coming, but they'd like to see what the terrain's like first and all the albums on the Faceache page seem to be either F&O's CQB sites or Bolton woodland unfortunately. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi there. Can you please remove Ian Clempson and V. Sheehan from the Government and Reserve list respectively please.
  5. That's what I was meaning; just to put them on in case anyone drops out for whatever reason, please!
  6. If there's going to be anything like a 'reserve list', Can I put down one for the Government forces, please? Venny Sheehan, 18+