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  1. Ste metcalf own kit
  2. Ste metcalf - own kit
  3. Can you have a KJW M1911 pistol at Bolton on Saturday,
  4. Was a good days play, weather was fine, just the mud on the path's and other areas, that made it bloody difficult, but i suppose war is never easy. Game play was good and marshals where great.
  5. Ace day out, game play was really good, marshalling was good as usual.
  6. Was a good day, good game play, good senarios. no issues as far as i'm concerned, so well done Bongo & Marshalls.
  7. Lost Hi-cappa mag, somewhere back of Sandbag, during last game.
  8. Had a good day, think the midges where out in force again, but seemed to have gone by the afternoon, personally had a great day, shattered by the end. being on the red team. the time limit on getting the bases does help to push the attacking team forward and honestly thought this was in effect anyway, the sudden change to 5 min bleed out seemed abit much. maybe instead of hearing the safety brief over and over again, especially for regulars, can F&O not have the sign in state you have read and understood the safety rules. Most issues with safety are with newbies any way. who probably have less kit to sort out, get them to one side and safety brief them if needed.
  9. Must say it was a good day, the fact we didn't know what would be coming next added to the realism of it, makes a change form being told what to attack and being told where the enemy will be. More real life then an open day. Single shot is better, didn't use a full mag all day. A full day in the field, did nip out for 15 mins to eat, and seeing Djin sneaking across the river, kept stum as wouldn't have been fair to radio on. Good day, midges an all and the weather with sun and rain, made the day the more entertaining, set the seen for a Vietnam senario, next time how about a sunny beach senario, never know might get the sun for it. Well done Djin for putting on a good day. No plan survives the first contact.
  10. good day, rain didn't make that much differance, was a hard slog finding the pilot and the case, had some good fire fights. last defence of the base to protect the case was na on impossible seeing as most of the team where out of it due to having no regen. but the whole day was good, and with the lower numbers allowed some great flanking by kev and me, while the opposing side where attacking are base. good day, and yea the sun came out on Sunday, typical.
  11. First I think you need to clarify what you mean by third within the time limit, there is no time limit to complete these within a reasonable time i presume, but you could start say in feb and aslong as your third game is after the two months from your first then you can get your UKARA.
  12. got to admit Anzio was different then the normal that i am used to Wrexham & Bolton, probably mainly down to the size of the place and the amount of buildings, was on the red team, most of the day didn't see much non hit taking apart from two incidents with a few mentioning the same person. the overall day was good and second the sale of socks, much needed, with the size of the site owuldn't expect marshalls to be everywhere, with everyone, just not possible. honesty is the key, and sometimes in the heat of the moment can be missed, the amount of people present probably added to the situation. the final turn of reds on yellow was interesting, especially as i was coming from red regen and witnessed the surprise as yellow got wasted heading to D5 to take on the reds. The black ops was good and was a real recon situation, thou some i think where chomping at the bit for action. Recon or Recce - observe and avoid contact, unless contacted. suppose totally opposite from usual airsoft, with regen and medic.
  13. Martin - Eddie how much is the sten you have in the shop, keep looking at it, but never asked the price. might start a WW2 collection, and can you get hold of the MP40.
  14. Good Day, better afternoon for the yelows than the morning, the woods is certainly coming alive, all that foilage to hide behind makes it a better and more intense game, I echo the comments about some people dicking around shouting and firing off weapons when you trying to set an ambush, which spoils it for the others, especially when it forces you to move from cover. But the day was another great day by F&O.
  15. Think Greg Flacidjoker did this last time at bolton, cause he only paid £80, but for sake of a tenner just renew it thats what i did
  16. Must agree it was an epic Dave, sorry day, this site is ace, got the woodland and the buildings for some close action, pyro action is a must with this site, dropping one in the pill box gives you a nice rush. Capture senario was a nice twist and should be used more often, Weather was ace and will def. be visiting this site again.
  17. Don't worry about falling over it happens to us all at some point, I went flat on my face on saturday and snapped my stock of my M4.
  18. It was an excellent day, full on game play, please use more often, using the otherside also placed an extra spin on the assault for yellows to gain back the cans, and Dave's excellent suicide run to pyro the reds was ace, and he even survived and started assaulting with pistol. The day was by far one of the best to date. even after the rush to the gate with the cans and me falling over and snapping the stock of my M4. didn't phase me a bit, so hyped up on the adreneline rush. Had no issues with hit taking and marshalling was spot one, roll on next session at Bolton.
  19. Nice video, think the guy who gets hit and sits on the floor, needs to be told your supposed to stand up. Aim of medic is to drag you to cover, bit pointless if your all ready there.
  20. Great day, the first mission escape and evade was a good way to start the day. and the rest of the missions where just as good, Still never got to the otherside of the site. maybe one day.
  21. All i can say is fantastic day, I echo all comments above, site is a good mix of buildings, shrubs, woods etc. Greg, Rick and me spent what seemed like ages looking for the intel in the afternoon, without seeing another sole. so many things you can do. Well looking forward to my next visit, when we decide to go again.
  22. seemed to be alot of confusion on saturday, as per previous post. puting Djin and Wildcards together might have seemd like a good idea, but this would mean the stripes probably would get killed every five mins, "if they where taking there hits", at least with keeping the regs apart, you would think we would ensure if we saw the newer guys on our side not taking hits etc we would tell them. They days senerios where good, and in the afternoon with the Djin and Wildcards on seperate sides and the stripes in the middle it was better game play, but with the numbers of stripes, i don't think either regular teams faced each other during the day. And as for the confusion, Wildcards where defending "Sandburger" and "Hambag", "private joke for Wildacrds" lol. And the after game session in the pub was a laugh, even with ranger smith asking the barman for a "bru" and getting one.
  23. Yea will be a great help on our first visit, I'll get some printed at work on a3 probably
  24. There are some on their facebook page, but you aren't on them either, me and mick are.
  25. I agree this looks ace.