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  1. The former police station on spring bank in Accrington has been closed for some time now. Back in June/July it went up for sale and at the time my old man (Who works in property development) had a viewing of the place. I went along with him and discretely photographed the building. It's an interesting building with a lot of potential!
  2. Any time man haha another quick clip has just gone up:
  3. The next video has just gone up at it's a 30 second quickie showing beefthecook's escapade with a smoke grenade... I'm working on some more action footage right now
  4. The same chrono registered my MP5 at 330 straight after it... I've had her since 2007 and she's been through thick and thin it's got to the point where i've spent almost as much changing internals as I would have on a new gun anyway
  5. My first time at Anzio, made a refreshing change from the usual fast paced CQB... It was nice to get out in the "sun" for a while! The longer range engagements and wind made for a challenging day! Some fantastic action and some great moments! We'll definitely be coming back... In bigger numbers too! Some highlights for me: seeing a smoke go off in a players pouch... (Could have been really bad, but you've got to lol ) The many window entries... (that's me jumping through the window in the video Foster posted) my building to building accidental head shot in the first game... One of the attackers was standing outside one of the buildings, (I'll eventually learn their names ) the cross wind was making it impossible to get a shot near him, I aimed WELL off to the right and popped a shot, just to gauge where the rounds would travel. It soared across the road and hit him in the head... Couldn't believe it! As for the chrono issues, I don't see how people can even try to get around it... Everytime I saw a marshal with a chrono I voluntarily chronoed my MP5... I would have been using the M4... But as it was chronoing a little odd... I chose not too. - I chronoed it and it read "140" at first I thought it was reading in MPS and shat myself... The marshal laughed and told me it was FPS... Something inside me sank... I think it's time to retire my beloved M4 "Elinor" Thanks for a great day guys! There will be more footage being uploaded over the next week, probably just little clips like the last one, so subscribe to or follow us on twitter #CBMPC for upates
  6. Some of you might have noticed myself and a team mate wearing cameras on our helmets... We filmed the entire day... I'll continue to update this thread as the footage is edited... It won't all be up straight away... As you an imagine it takes a while to sift through the footage from two perspectives and put it all together... These were all edited in a new program that I am still unfamiliar with, so they are a little different to the rest of the videos on the CBMPC! channel. Constructive criticism is welcome First game Territories game Territories game part 2 if you like what you see and want to keep updated follow the link to subscribe!
  7. The first thing I'll say...The site is massive. It's been a long time since I have played somewhere so vast. The maps were definitely really useful! Not just in helping us plan what we were doing... But when we were in the middle of nowhere and needed to get back into the game It was a bit of a change of scene for my team, we usually play CQB or rather "VF-CQB" and go home bleeding and bruised. (I only have 4 welts from Sunday as opposed to "chicken pox) We usually play very fast and aggressive (in a friendly way ) I think it was obvious we felt a bit lost surrounded by bushes and trees... Which led to a slower more cautious day. This made it a bit hit and miss for me, I enjoyed the games and the site has a lot of potential, it just isn't my scene. Not enough doors to kick in if you get my drift I wasn't a fan of the huge distances to respawn, it meant when we flanked the enemy and got hit we had to walk for ten minutes just to find the respawn... Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting the site, players or the staff down, I had a lovely day! I can't really say anything that hasn't been mentioned already. Longer games and closer respawns are two things I think would make it a lot more fun! I'd never played at an F&O site before this, but now I have, I'll happily play at your sites again! Very well organised and had no issues with non hit takers or cheat calling. I think Anzio is next on the list for us... We should feel more at home there We'll probably show our faces at the armoury again sometime in the future though For those interested, we had two helmet cameras on the go, the footage hasn't been touched yet, but when it's edited it'll be up on the CBMPC! youtube channel