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  1. Both me and the boy had a brilliant day. The size of the site and million little tracks make it brilliant for sneaky sneaky. Lots of good play by both teams and reds were very organised. Hats off to you...I mean, how often will a raiding party have rear security?! Great play, great site, great day.
  2. I had a great time and so did my noob mate...I'm definitely up for more... The only downside for me was the repeated head classic, I was running out at the start of a game, got shot fairly, standing there with my hand up in the open, some bugger with a torch checks me out then sends a single shot to my face...loved that one... I will also remember to wear sleeves next time...I know now why it's called the Hive...I look like I've been attacked by killer bees!
  3. Brilliant photos! They do however seem to suggest dunk ran ALL day! Lol! Would I be right in thinking there are some more on the way?
  4. Lost on: 27th Oct Item: TM MK23 Socom Mag - almost brand new Location: somewhere between D4 moving anticlockwise around the site to the top car park round to the shrubbery by the garage Last seen: in the Embassy
  5. i know it's a week late, but yes...echoing all others here, had a great day, loved playing single shot, but I think it was big chris who kept getting me, (by that I mean about 5 times, just on his own!), absolutely fecked by night time and the ooh the midgies!!! Equally as Barnzi said, don't think we (us wildcards) knew enough what assets we had and therefore didn't really think about strategically setting some up. All in all though, a great day, glad to be a part of it, looking forward to another and thought the story line and the gameplay was cracking. Love to all...
  6. OH. MY. GOD. Is that a picture of bongo's bongos at the end? My Word..! Great day. If only I'd not listened to the satnav and come from Chester is have saved myself about 30 mins getting down. Equipment-wise, so many things failed me, game play wise I had an awesome day. I love the site and it has SO much potential and when more numbers start coming down I can only imagine how great it'll be. Love the mix of CQB and woodland. I'm gonna need some better boots for next time though. Mine are pants. And maybe a strimmer to cut through them brambles! And as always, the safety brief was excellent! The Armoury - Love it love it love it.
  7. Whilst I feel too guilty to shoot at mine, the boy's highlight of the last game was shooting me. I just prefer to use him as bait...
  8. DanH, excellent video footage man! Love it and the zombies killathon at about 10 minutes in on the last video was very funny...
  9. I had a great time, bloody tired today though...maybe I'm being haunted by the undead in my head! Best/Scariest moments were 1) checking out the munitions area at the start of the 2nd game and looking in a bigbag when the leather waistcoated zombie came out from around the corner, that made me scream a little like a girl.. 2) checking out the bar in the pub and that Banana came out from round the back and had me scuttling away with my covering man taking ages to shoot him only for the leather waistcoated one to come from nowhere again to scare the sh*t out of me! 3) sprinting like a mofo at the end with two very quick zombies trying to get me...I almost pooed... Awesome, fun day and a massive thanks to the zombies...they took a pounding, but just kept getting back up! Respect..!
  10. Bibby put this on the other thread for this game: AEP's = No they are electric powered, i know we used them before but not any more it stops confusion I bought a shotgun and a GBB as a result...bloody love em!
  11. I found if u scroll all the way to the top after clicking a pic a dialogue box is open, click the arrow pointing left o. The top left of the dialogue box and it start showin them to you. Barnesy there's one of u and I'm sure u can see the bb flying out the end. (null)
  12. That could be his red indian name...sorry native american indian...
  13. HA! We Wildcards call covering
  14. I had a great day, still managing to get away with using the sniper and pistol and not finding it frustrating! Loved the scenarios especially three way games, chuffed that I managed to sneak up on the No-arm bands as a yellow team member, surround them with the others and then take out, the previous owner of the sniper rifle, wolfy with my pistol! I love getting pistol kills and when I popped up and double tapped the two sneaky guys using my son as a sacrificial lamb, the satisfaction overwhelmed the shame I should have felt...hahaha. (I did medic him once it was safe!) My new shotty got an outting and two kills which was great fun! Same bloke both times over by the sandbag base... Fantastic day, superb weather, great marshalling and the boy had his most satisfying day out too...Loved it!
  15. Heh. Capt Price. If u were on the yellow team in the base when the sniper got u. Then that was me. Sorry!:-) Didn't I get u in the nuggets the time before as well? (null)
  16. I loved that big three way game. So good little battles going on. And curses to u Bibby for letting me take pot shots with my failing gun before u shot with a flurry. Good games. Great day. (null)
  17. Just wanted to check the engagement range of rifles or do they just need to be sub 350?
  18. Haha. Brilliant. Let's go corporate! (null)
  19. Just wanted to clarify on the weapons...I have a gas pistol which is working at the there an minimum engagement range with the bolt action, as i'm sure like most, it's a sniper rifle with a 350+ fps, (although i think it's about 380). Also, I take it that AEPs are out due to the "nothing electric powered".
  20. Yeah I could probably do with one as well and a battery. How much are u doing them for? Cheers (null)
  21. Cheers Martin, How much are the RIS ones? Also, do you have any shotguns in? I can't find them one the "shop" pages and I remember you did one for not very much money...
  22. Hi Martin, do you do these? cheers
  23. I had a brilliant day Saturday. Just like everyone else I really enjoyed the longer games especially as I was working the sniper role. First time out with the snipers and a pistol and it worked so much better than lugging the P90 lots of kills with both which added to the fun. One uphill which Jamie witness (and hats off to the fella for taking the hit), a head shot and even got a lad in the knackers. here's my vote for the long games in future...
  24. I've been playing at Bolton and will probably continue to do so for a while cos I like playing sniper, but I'm aiming to go to Anzio soon as it's only down the road...(in theory...!) and I've heard Huddersfield is good too..! If we get organised, maybe we can car share or summat..?
  25. Hey Dann, I'm in Stockport too. Welcome to the forums