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  1. Gregg Leech - Gold Member Duncan Lavery - Gold Member Fabio Motzarella - Marshall type gimp I think Own kit thanks! sorry about the late booking on I actually forgot I hadnt done it yet
  2. will have to drop from this event due to sickness am gutted sorry guys
  3. Many thanks for that UKBA still holding my toys 3 weeks now...
  4. Hi guys any chance someone could update the UKARA DB pls and put me as un-expired? Re-membershipped up with gold on 16th of August with Andy at Anzio, admittedly it was in a rush and probably all my fault It's just UK Border Agency are holding some toys for me and I could do with them releasing them so I can shoot people with them
  5. TM Recoil 416 no competition from the others I have 2 416's and they are amazing gats
  6. was in Chris' kit Jamie and he found it when sorting his kit.
  7. TRMR has been located thanks just an old school BFG with a VTG top on it missing
  8. Long shot I know but has anyone found the following at P13 at the last game? Dynatec BFG with brown tape and DTL in green pen on top and bottom? TRMR in Dark Earth with Stirling Logo laser engraved and S37D callsign engraved. If you have found these in your kit etc it would be greatly appreciated if you could return them pls ta muchly
  9. Looks very good and fun to use! finally be able to fire mk5's into the first floor windows at anzio without them spinning all over the place
  10. To be honest and I am being brutally honest here: I didn't enjoy the day here. Hit taking, I watched on numerous occasions players not taking hits, nothing to do with chest rigs or plate carriers, just good old "I aint taking that as I don't see where the shot came from" I did mention this to marshals as we are asked. I twice watched one player get blown up by a bfg, continue to fire and kill another player.... then take the bfg hit. One of the BFG hits was from his own team, which he turned round and started moaning about friendly fire and having a discussion about ... dead men dont talk. The second occasion was downstairs a bfg was thrown into a small side room and went off the player continued to fire out of this room and killed another player, only then did he take his hit. This was mentioned to a marshal also by another player who witnessed it. The confusion over the regen, The marshal with us, we were told was not a marshal after the fact, that is not our call to make we are the customers it's not our fault that the person stood there wearing a visi-vest isn't a marshall but there to take photos, we follow the directions of those who appear to be marshals .... to then be told that we should have gone to Jamie directly, why this cant be dealt with by a marshal on the ground I don't know. I accept that there may have been confusion on the marshal's part, but to then be talked to like a petulant child afterwards just summed it up for me. I watched a player interrupt play due to calling out rules and causing even more confusion on the firing out of regen issue, which was an issue which had been dealt with beforehand. So it ended up a number of players milling about a regen whilst said player and his team-mates traversed through the area. At no point did the marshal in the area step in and tell that player to shut up and move along. There was no ingame chrono, which I have come to expect from FnO and there were a lot of bloody, nasty injuries happening, in this case I would have been getting the chrono out to reassure players that all guns were below the site limit. I do think though that at this site if you build filing cabinets into a wall or create a wall out of desk partitions etc... these should be hard cover, as there were occasions where a bfg went off on the other side of one of these "walls" and players did continue on through no fault of their own. In a close space like that a bang in the next room sounds just like a bang in your own room and it can cause confusion when you cannot see the bfg etc... I try to be positive with feedback but the only things I can say is that I enjoyed the marshal versus player game which was pretty good, The site is a nice close site which is good but I think 3 teams are needed rather than two because as soon as one team controls the stairs they control the site as the stairs are the key to that place. I do think the 3 team dynamic should be explored in smaller sites like this more as it does add to the variety. I do think this site would probably lend itself very well to a pistol/shotgun only site.
  11. UKARA and F&O Membership are the same, your F&O membership number becomes your UKARA
  12. Snazzy edits going on there with me appearing on both the red and yellow teams Just wish the afternoon firefight was caught on camera, will have to start mounting my contour and giving you the memory card to play with afterwards Jamie