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  1. Under 340fps. Some shops chronos are shocking.
  2. Perhaps including where the site is so p[people can decide if they can get there or not?
  3. as long as the pistol is within site limits and fires 6mm plastic BBs then all is good
  4. 350fps period. No variation. 1fps over and you will not be able to use it. All this information is availible in the booking threads for the sites you wish to attend, plus various sticky threads and on the main website.
  5. being a cqb site and semi auto only you would have to be really spamming the trigger to blow 470 rounds that fast. If you ask on the day they may be able to help you out with a second mag for a little extra but you may have to wait until booking in has finished incase they are abit tight with the number of rentals going out.
  6. it's perfectly fine to use 2 tone weapons at our sites, as long as they are within the site limits for FPS and fire 6mm plastic bb
  7. "Too few players at the outpost this weekend, and next week the outpost is unavailable only been informed of that today, am trying to sort something out if possible for the 7th"
  8. This weekend is Outpost weekend and it got cancelled because not enough people booked in before the Fri Noon deadline. Asylum has not had any dates changed only cancelled due to issues with the land users and that was several months ago. As to the not running many events there, we have had a game at the outpost every two weeks since July with a 6 week gap (1 week due to numbers and 2 due to site maintance) august/1st week sept.
  9. Has your g36 been checked by a site/shop or are you going on the quoted figures from the site's website? If the latter it would be worth making sure you have some spare cash for a hiregun should it be over.
  10. however it doesn't take long for the orginal two tone colour to rub through.
  11. Actually, you can buy your RIF on arrival at your 3rd game (after booking in) so in real terms you only have to rent a hire gun twice if you go for the minimum allowed games.
  12. From F&O the closest ones to you would be the Jungle near Lemington Spa (this saturday is the next one), The Outpost (near Kiddiminster - This Sunday) The Asylum (also near Kiddiminster) and the Towers (Leicester). There are also a couple of Gunman sites near you but I have no idea how good they are.
  13. It is... Were you at a ZOmbie Event there? If so that is separate from F&O Midlands.
  14. Errrr. Outpost is on tomorrow unless you meant the Jungle near Lemmington Spa?
  15. if it was a couple of years back then you will no longer be covered by the defence. Unless you have been regular enough in the past that a site manager is ok with signing you off (after gaining site membership) you will have to start off from scratch.
  16. also check the site rules. There is a blanket ban on the Dan Weston Co2 revolvers regardless of fps. This is certainly in force in the Midlands and as far as I remember it originated with Jamie so likely to be at Northern Sites as well.
  17. To thin out the list. Do you want simulated Recoil or just a AEG? Yes I want Recoil! = Ditch the VFC Do you want good simulated Recoil? Yes I love good vibrations! = Ditch the G&G Do you want excellent externals? Yes I want to spend more time looking at it than shooting = Consider ditching the G&G Do you want the possibility of gearbox and or electrical failure? Yes I love picking bits of gearbox out of my face = ditch the TM and G&G Do you want excellent range and shot consistency? Yes I want to hit something damn it! = Ditch the VFC Once you answer those questions you will most likely buy the TM but the G&G is also a impressive gun just suffers from the externals not being as nice as the TM or as awesome as the VFC. I consider VFC to be the Alfa Romeo of the airsoft world. Looks great but you better not skimp on the breakdown cover.
  18. Correct. We used to accept 50% plus hire fee but i guess it got canned due to the amount of people that was sure they paid in full online.
  19. only 10 spaces left as of 2 hours ago
  20. TLSFX do MK3 Thunderflashs as well in the same design as the MK5 so that might be where the confusion is
  21. Building is getting demolished.
  22. you will be directed to the parking area once on site
  23. stick with electric as they can go many many games without any major maintainance (ie clean the barrel once in a while otherwise leave it alone) where as the gas ones need more regular care. When March comes, chat with the other players they will almost certainly like to boast about whatever gun they are carrying and may even let you fire a few shots off so you can get closer to a decision.
  24. There is one every 2 weeks on the sunday. We have a open day which will be free for members of Silver or Gold level on the 16th March but that typically has a high turnout. Well worth a visit as it is a large site with a mix of buildings to fight in and around plus woodland as well.
  25. M4 would probably be a good starting point as they are pretty common, the G&G M4s are not that expensive and probably one of the most reliable budget m4s on the market. The P90s are rarer, hicap's are a pita with the winder for it being under the mag so you have to remove the mag each time you need to wind it. The mag's odd shape makes carrying midcaps more awkward. Try and get down to Asylum soon (only 5mins or so from Outpost) but has a range of AEGs and Pistols plus other gear. Next game at Asylum is this coming Sunday.