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  1. yes, ive got a fair selection from Martin, gas, bbs, pyro etc. getting the airsoft jitters now for the weekend
  2. updated
  3. updated
  4. Great day and started off cooler which meant a good start to the day. Nice collection of airsofters both old and new, some returning to the fold after some long absences. Good run around the site in the morning, Top secret is a great part of the site, very, very tough to assault, we'll make sure we dig a trench to help keep it drained of water before winter I think and just do a bit of hacking making the pathways in a bit easier. Some pictures here -
  5. The following have been confirmed and have paid a deposit. UK/US 1. Luke Woodburn (UK team) 2. Alan Jones (Keyser Soze) (UK Team) 3. Mark Pantlin ICEMONKEY (UK Team) 4. Rick Hayden 5. Adam Billingsley 6. Luke Hughes (UK Team) 7. Joshua Small (UK Team) 8. James Lamkin 9. Gregg Leech 10. AaronLamonby 11. Wayne Kirkland 12. John Mortin 13. Sam Murphy 14. David Wright 15. Nick Eyley 16. Richard Lamonby 17. Jamie Pottage 18. Gary Pottage 19. John Llywarch 20. Sam Heywood 21. Robert Kennion 22. James Dean-Netscher 23. Richard Nash 24. Tim Stockley 25. Jack Reynolds (sat) 25. Russian 1. Aled Williams 2. Dan Denovan 3. Louis Dobson 4. Jay Brabham 5. Paul Bunyon 6. Patrick Brierley 7. Adam Hill 8. John Boyle 9. Adam Souness 10. Stuart Pollitt 11. Paul Cooper 12. Alex Lovatt 13. Sam Ullah (deposit?) 14. James Evans (sat only, sunday slot spare) 15. Liam Thomas (sat only, sunday slot spare) 16. Thomas Ullman-Bourne (sunday) 17. Alastair Budryk 18. Stephen Hurle Kev Bongo Alex Buddy Holly Vic Spillsbury Andrew Plews Matt Owen Jake Andrews Chutney Digger Nic
  6. and heres the musical mashup that went up
  7. thanks for the kind comments, makes all the effort worthwhile, and heres another video of some gaming, this was latter part of the day, yellow team making a push on the final bombs location, and to be fair the reds had it as it was right on if not over the time limit, its hard to call when theres a good attack underway and plenty of action, id rather have it play out than to cut it midway
  8. Good day allround, weather held off and what rain there was was fairly refreshing. A lot of people during the 1st game coming back to regen and shedding layers. Now might be the time to start thinking about an issue canteen to take out with you? Great to see the usual mob and players coming back for more as well as a scattering of 1st and 2nd time guys. Play was good, minimal issues and my marshals got their game in and were happy. Hello to Jake and Matt who came onboard this week as well. Pictures from Matt here[email protected]/sets/72157633480195406/ Ive got a rook of video to edit down and hopefully get some up tonight and over the next couple of days.
  9. right Im sure Ive got all of these items now, theyre in the ammunition box I sit on so remind me next time youre there
  10. used the walking stick steadycam for this one, the drone woodland clip at the end was done months ago changed the setting to public on the fb album, must be because were not linked up
  11. Great day, changed up the morning game which made a refreshing change, going to be working on some new game ideas as well, keep it interesting and explore more of the sites dynamics. video photos are here -
  12. sorry chief for the face shot, the desert eagle has a mind of itself sometimes and i had such a giggle once id managed to sneak in to the building youll excuse an old man his small pleasures, i managed to get a bit of footage in the morning of the defence of the main door to the pub during the hostage rescue game great day, thanks to everyone who came out for a glorious bit of winter sun
  13. Coming down for this one, love this site
  14. Great day for me, everything went well, I tried to keep it fast moving as it probably didnt shift from freezing all day. Thanks to everyone who turned up and gave it a good game. Couple of the younger ones went down with the cold, the rest of us had enough fat to keep warm fortunately...or not Theres a thread with some photographs that were taking by the Chris of BlackSheepStudios here - and I got some footage using the quad here - Pro tip no 1 is boots, I had Surplus Goretex Pro Boots on with a pair of surplus issue socks and my feet were warm and dry all day, they are recomended footwear. Great stuff and Ill see you in a couple of weeks!