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  1. It was a crackin' day, pulled off some great killstreaks, getting upstairs into D3 and shooting a ton of yellows from behind out of the window Great play from both teams, good choice of games too, enjoyed the trip in the blacked out ambulance and rushing D2 watching the Mrs upstairs taking out a ton of yellows, while i'm getting shot up but laughing at the same time as she comes up behind them and takes them out! Impressed! Well and truly shattered!
  2. First time at this site for myself. The site - Amazing, enjoy the fact that every corner I turn is a new un-explored location, trying to find out the best routes to take for ambushes etc. 1 of the funny moments on the day was my mate Victor, when we got into a game late, we went to spawn point and accidently went the wrong way, headed to the top of the stairs the banded team was going down, as soon as he opened the door all I heard was hundreds of bb's being blasted his way. needless to say he was hit =D But the sound of them bb's coming his way was immense! My only issue was as above, alot of blind firing and also several not hit takers. A guy running with a grenade, getting hit several times from 15-20 feet, then running back after he threw the grenade, taking his gun and carrying on like nothing happened. 2-3 second revives... And being accused of blind firing because my body was behind a wall with my head, arms and gun taking out 3 people through a doorway... Either way, with the none sportsman players asside, The site is amazing and will be making it back 1 day in the new year with more people =) Thanks to the Marshalls and players for a great day
  3. Just booked myself and 2 others in on the website now and paid deposits via paypal - all meat eaters
  4. The camera was bought off Amazon for £40, it is the Action Cam 3 HD 720P. original price was £69.99, was dropped to £40 which is why I got it. Went back up for a while and it has now dropped to £49.98.
  5. Well what can I say... What an amazing day we've had today. The weather was great, the game play was great and never had any problems at all! Amazing team play and some very intense games. The Marshals did a great job so thank you. I mostly enjoyed the 2nd to last game, 3 of us holding The Fort for a Very long time, lots of fire coming in, lots of sneakiness around the building trying to get in, Bongo getting a crackin' shot on 1 of the lads, Think it was Greg who got shot? Bad with names sorry but got him seconds later and the 2 lads behind him. Then another 1 of the reds finding a hole at the top shooting through and getting Dunk on the back. All in all, was a really good day. It's days like today which bring me back each time I go.
  6. Great day today, Had a ton of fun, I got some great kills, but also people had some great kills on me too! Day went extremely smooth and I had no problems whatsoever. Very short video of my other half Sarah shooting Dan on Pistols Vs AEGs, then shortly after Dan gets his revenge!
  7. 1st time at this site and I must say I am really impressed! Will be making an appearance more often
  8. I think you should add a download link to download all the pics in the album Was a ball ache clicking the download link for each single picture just to view them bigger. But amazing pictures, Keep up the good work!
  9. Love the vid, Anymore footage from the day you can add? If I remember you jumped through a window and shot my other half then jumped back out, then got shot from above by myself Seemed to remember you doing A lot! of running around. Definitively deserve a reward for being the most active red lol
  10. Great day, loved it as usual I noticed there was great play from both sides, people taking there hits. Only saw 1 instance of Overkill from 8-10 meters away (don't know why you need to hold full auto in at that distance for that length of time) As mentioned in the afternoon, 1 of the games didn't feel right and people was confused, and even thought the reds had gone to the pub for a bit as we could only find the odd 1 or 2 stray reds. Great day though and will always be back for more! Can't wait to see the pics
  11. Had a Quality time yesterday. Hats off to the stag for running that gauntlet too. Bet he's still feeling that now!
  12. Tried to add 2 people earlier but had some error popping up, (hope it works now and isn't too late) Sarah - Own Kit Jay - Own Kit. Thanks
  13. Dave - Own Kit Harvey - Own Kit
  14. Amazing day as always with First&Only. Will definitely be attending again. Great Pictures! Withing the next few days I'll try get some footage up too
  15. Dave - Own Kit Harvey - Own Kit Sarah - Own Kit Ben - HIRE Driving from Northwich in Cheshire. so would it be best setting off around 7am? Maps say it will take 1hr 40 minutes