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    Films, books, music, video games(360/PS3)... Oh and AIRSOFT!!!
  1. Some pictures... Not sure if this will work but here goes.
  2. I'd like to apologise to the team I was with (Dan, Tom and Tim) for being so noisy. I can't believe how many times I hit my head or walked into door frames. I couldn't have wished for a better team, they performed brilliantly. It was really good to see everyone enjoying themselves.
  3. The following is a purely personal view and is in no way connected to, endorsed or authorised by, Mayor Bibby or the Sherrifs team as a whole. I became a Deputy so I could make our town of Forlorn Hope a better place, and I think we were doing it until the Alliance sent a unit here. Whatever my personal feelings about the Alliance, I take my orders from the Mayor. It's either do as I'm told or take a walk. I ask you as townspeople, whats better? To have someone in the Sherrif's team who wants to improve things from within, trying to stop things from getting too out of hand, or to have a Sherrifs team who are only looking out for themselves? If you think I'm corrupt, you're wrong. I kept none of the money taking from our townsfolk, it went up the chain. People are talking about separating the roles of Mayor and the Sherrif, I for one could not agree more. too much power is being concentrated in one person and that is never a good thing. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who lost friends or family in these recent attacks. It my hope that as long as Forlorn Hope has good people who want to live here, we can make it a better it place. Geffers (deputy)