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  1. UKARA is NOT the only form of defence. Valid site membership, Skirmish Diary etc etc, are all valid forms of defence against VCRA UKARA is probably the easiest and most recognised though.
  2. Yes, you can have a RIF on your UKARA qualifying game. Let the company know and they will get it to you for your qualifying game.
  3. A very wise decision, you'll need all the money you can get for airsoft as you'll soon discover how addictive it is!
  4. Welcome to the sport buddy, prepare to have an armoury and no money!
  5. Great for gas weapons! And this time of year it will be nice and warm compared to outside
  6. You'll find your way around after the first game mate, it's quite simple really
  7. SCAR L or H?
  8. No because somehow people will always still end up shooting the marshals
  9. Assuming not because the dates will be put on the form of the Skirmishes, and as long as the game dates are within a 12 month period I shouldn't see how that would effect the person's defence.
  10. To be honest, camo doesn't matter at all, you'll find out what I mean when you play! I've played in MTP, Flecktarn and DPM down there, just hug the walls and avoid shadows, you'll be fine
  11. Hello mate, also a friend of Tom's here from Kingswinford, no doubt I'll get to play with you soon, welcome mate
  12. Eh, sod it, me too please mate. Josh Salt, own kit
  13. Never time hang up the helmet mate, get out there and play, you'll love it! Welcome to the sport and soon to be addiction!
  14. Me too please mate, own kit