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  1. UKARA is NOT the only form of defence. Valid site membership, Skirmish Diary etc etc, are all valid forms of defence against VCRA UKARA is probably the easiest and most recognised though.
  2. Yes, you can have a RIF on your UKARA qualifying game. Let the company know and they will get it to you for your qualifying game.
  3. A very wise decision, you'll need all the money you can get for airsoft as you'll soon discover how addictive it is!
  4. Welcome to the sport buddy, prepare to have an armoury and no money!
  5. Great for gas weapons! And this time of year it will be nice and warm compared to outside
  6. You'll find your way around after the first game mate, it's quite simple really
  7. SCAR L or H?
  8. No because somehow people will always still end up shooting the marshals
  9. Assuming not because the dates will be put on the form of the Skirmishes, and as long as the game dates are within a 12 month period I shouldn't see how that would effect the person's defence.
  10. To be honest, camo doesn't matter at all, you'll find out what I mean when you play! I've played in MTP, Flecktarn and DPM down there, just hug the walls and avoid shadows, you'll be fine
  11. Hello mate, also a friend of Tom's here from Kingswinford, no doubt I'll get to play with you soon, welcome mate
  12. Eh, sod it, me too please mate. Josh Salt, own kit
  13. Never time hang up the helmet mate, get out there and play, you'll love it! Welcome to the sport and soon to be addiction!
  14. Me too please mate, own kit
  15. Ask most techs to repair the ARES/S&T Tavor and they'll avoid it with a 50ft Barge pole! ARES are okay, they have beautiful externals but the internals have much to be desired. The MASADA by PTS is pretty darn good, but I wouldn't really go for any others. And you can't say that when they're like £300 a crack!
  16. Indeed it is. I have the G&G A1, for some reason there is some black magic in the hop unit that allows it to fling 0.25's around the earth twice. The new A2 has the lock up issue fixed. I know there is a Second Gen G&G A2 which Pro Airsoft Supplies sell with the RIS mounted on already, so if you're going for Afghan spec style, it's a good one to use! There are mods you can do to sort the lock up issues out though. And I wouldn't go 30rd mags right away, MAG do some mid capacity magazines for £50 for a box set of 5 I believe, full metal and at 190 rounds. Or you can use the Green Label EMAGS which are 75 rounds and a box set of 10 cost me £60 before customs caught me. There are the standard 120 round EMAGS at £20 a piece which are very good (I own the PMAGS) and they're brill.
  17. Ah, by Midlands I assumed you'd be at the Midland's sites If you spray the handguard, cheek rest and grip, I believe it will suffice When you get your defence you can re-spray/replace (Replace is probably best) the two tone parts.
  18. It's not illegal against UKARA, it's illegal against section 36 of the VCRA. Violent Criminal Reduction Act 07 is basically what says you can't have realistic imitation firearms (RIFs). The only way you can bypass this law is by having a suitable defence, the defence can be such things such as UKARA, site membership or a re-enactor number etc. UKARA (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association) is a system set up for retailers to check if you are a regular skirmisher. You're put on a database after completing the specified requirements, it is perhaps the most commonly identified defence but not the only. (This will also require bronze or above membership) If you take out F&O membership, you can use that as a defence too. Because you're also a midlands player, Felix can get you guns in. So if you want a RIF for your UKARA qualifying game, it can be bought in for that date, save you having to send off the form and wait for you to be put on the database. I'd suggest removing the paint you put on or spraying it back to two tone for now, until you gain your defence. I will say the new G&G L85A2's are bloody great! Say hello sometime as well mate, we can chat if you're ever down at Asylum or Outpost
  19. And so it begins In all seriousness though mate, welcome! The Midlands sites are great and has anything you can ever want from Woodland to FIBUA
  20. Great day all around, afternoon game with the HVT was ace, no issues that I heard off, thanks to all for a good day. Please leave your feedback from the day to help improve future games
  21. Which site will you be playing at? Best to find out who runs the site and ask them to bring a stamp with them.
  22. Might be done at Asylum this weekend and then sent off.
  23. Yes as you have fuffilled the requirements of 3 games in no less than 2 months. You will also need to take out F&O membership at minimum, bronze as this will give you a player number which will also be your UKARA number. While UKARA is a great system, you can also ask the site owner (Or whomever deals with sales at that site, maybe Martin?) to get you a RIF for the 9th as it will still qualify as a defence. This means you can have a RIF for your third game too. Download the form from here buddy: Take it to The Armoury on the 9th and get your form stamped and sent off. Give it a few days or so and you should then be on the database and be able to purchase as many RIF's as you want. Hope this helps.