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  1. Will try to get down for this one (after failing for the last). Chris Patton, own kit
  2. All being well, I should be along for this one. Chris Patton, own kit
  3. Should be able to make it down for this one. Got a few repairs to make, but should have my own kit ready
  4. Hi, My F&O Membership recently expired, along with my UKARA, and im looking to get them both renewed. I realise i can pay for membership online but that wouldnt be renewing my recently expired membership would it? (Rather giving me a seperate new membership number, etc) and wouldnt also allow for my UKARA to be renewed. Would it be possible to do this online - both F&O Membership and UKARA? I'm a regular at Khe Sahn Woods, Otley (bar the occasional game) - Would it be best for me to renew next time im down there if online isnt an option? Thanks in advance.
  5. Head mounted, Front of his Cap Admittedly, seems to look a bit low for head.... maybe hes just a shortass
  6. Had a great day, some good games and some great play. Afternoon certainly had less 'issues', but another fantastic day overall. Looking forward to the next.
  7. Rain at the start of the day made it a little slow getting going (for myself atleast), but aside from that, a great day, particularly when the sun came out. No real problems other than one cheat call but nothing major and was sorted with a quick chat/handshake. Espeically had a lot of fun in the Pistols Vs. AEGs at the end of the day
  8. The day was a bit slow to get started, but once the first game got going, it was a brilliant day, weather could have been better but it didnt seem to make the day any less awesome. Only my second time airsofting (Both times at Anzio), but definitely more to come, lots lots more. Marshalling was excellent and the longer games were nice I did get some video footage of the day, but with a few hours worth of footage caught by different people during the day, some of which is unusable due to masks covering part of the camera (Not me filming for that mistake ) and the camera angle being a little too high (my bad) it may take a while to dig out all the good bits of footage. In the mean time, some of what i've dug out and uploaded so far: Please feel free to criticise, mock, suggest, etc.
  9. Travelling from Halifax (just outside, but close enough). bout 1hr30min - 2hr drive.... but was definately well worth it. Awesome day, awesome site.... definately worth the trip and definately worth doing again (hopefully sooner rather than later )
  10. Hello to everyone. New to airsoft, but started out at anzio last sunday (19th). Bit of a drive to get there... but well worth it, and i believe i may be addicted already lol. Im sure you'll see me around when i get the chances (and those that do see me will most likely get some decent shots on me while i fail to hit anybody) Patton.