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  1. Eddie C - Own kif assuming this is for Sat 3 Mar
  2. Eddie C - Own kit
  3. Eddie C Own kit
  4. Eddie C - own kit
  5. Is there a map of the site?
  6. Map

  7. Map

    That looks good mate, but you seem to be missing Triangle base or Bravo Tango Top Secret Nest Helli pad Runway Hole in the wall Ok some aren't actually bases but are key points
  8. Nice post that mate. That flanking route around the site was great. I didn't expect us to get round so easily. Bear in mind that with the summer this year the bog is not a boggy as it can be. One thing I have found that really helps are sealskins. And yes always bring some spare socks and shoes! I find knee pads very much a personal choice. Me I think knee and elbow pads but some of my team mates don't rate them at all. Some great advice and info there mate. The best bit of advice I can give is for players to get stuck in.
  9. Cracking day. Great scenarios organised by Sam and the other marshall's. Teams were nice and well balanced with new and old players getting well stuck. Personally the longer more objective type games are much more fun (isn't always the same for others). Plus (for some reason) people need to be reminded to drink plenty of water. Who was the guy I was talking to about P99's??
  10. You can always trust Bolton to change it up with the weather, but don't think I've seen hail that big at Bolton before. Another great day at Bolton. Great play by the reds. Have to hand it to the yellows as well, very well defending on that last game. Cheers to Sam and the rest of the guys for another fun day.
  11. Cracking day. Great to see so many new faces. Slight frustration for me as us reds didn't seem very organised but great to see everyone getting stuck in and having a great time. First time I missed a pistol game cause I was too tired. Loving the sniper rifle and looking forward to upgrading it. Think next time the terminator should take a longer route back to guard the base and oppo should have the opportunity to capture/covert it. But great fun game. See you all in a couple of weeks.
  12. Cracking day overall for me. Personally I wasn't a fan of the morning (especially the first game), we just weren't working as a team and communication was bad. Something switched that in the afternoon and we seemed a lot more switched on. Thanks to all the marshals for a great day. But a bigger thanks to Dom for letting me test out the sniper rifle in the afternoon. I've fallen for it and will be purchasing one myself before I next get to Bolton..,,
  13. Fantastic day. Sides were pretty evenly matched but think us NRA did a cracking job. Loved the ambush game just before the pistols v AEGs. Got some cracking silent kills with the P99. Oh and thanks for the AEG guy in the Pistols v AEGs game for medicing me back in. Great knife kill followed by 4 pistols kills.... Right before I got laced!! Painful but worth it. Thanks Sam and the other marshals. No issues at all with hit taking etc and great smooth games. See you guys in 2 weeks.
  14. Martin You got any gas mags for ASG/KWA Glock 19? If so how much?
  15. Date and type of the event: Sunday 30 September (Wildcard Buffet) Brief description. KWA/KSC Glock 19 GBB Magazine - Black More detailed Description: No other details (except is loaded with BB's). Has some minor wear and tear marks. Last Seen: Could be virtually anyway. Last seen when loaded into the Glock when near the bridge entrance. Likely to be around Campsite (slightly north) but could be anywhere as it was 2+ hours after loading the pistol that I noticed it was missing.