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    Shooting stuff. Getting shot by stuff. Avoiding full contact Zombie takedowns. Running away. Hiding in the dark. Worrying I'll develop Stockholm Syndrome. Wishing I'd worn less noisy shoes. Licking Zombies and marvelling that they should taste remarkably like treacle. Getting distracted by shiny guns...
    Oh and screaming (a lot).

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  1. You were *amazing*! The video of you taking down 'blue-shirt-and-braces-guy' during the last game and mauling him to death is legendary
  2. Wanted to say a massive thanks to all for what was a pretty epic intro to airsoft on Saturday. Have to admit I went in with pretty high expectations (come on, Zombies *and* guns? What's not to love) but I didn't expect this level of realism or pure freakin awesomeness! The Zombies were *amazing*. And terrifying. It's funny how over the course of the day they develop personalities. You definitely have your favourites, like the shorter slower ones (to kill) and the adrenaline-inducing super-tall super-fast super-viscious bloody indestructible military one (to run away from, with all the bravery and decorum befitting a French woman, of course). Thank you so much for spending the day getting shot for my entertainment (and chasing me around a dilapidated mall... hot) You all made me scream a lot, and grin like a loon, and I loved every second of it. <3