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  1. Date and type of the event: Saturday 17th Jan 2015 Brief description. EMAG More detailed Description: It has part of the mag filled away to allow it to fit gen1 416 magwells Last Seen: in and around the Pub
  2. Date of travel: 17th Jan 2015 Date of Departure: (if it is a double anzio etc) na Location: Stalybridge, tameside, greater manchester Postcode: sk15 2pn Number of passengers: just me Extra information: backback and 1 gun bag Happy to your booking fee or £30 which ever is greater
  3. Hi, again this year my automatic bronze renewal went through (I do this as a back up and somtimes upgrade depending on how many games i think i might do that year and get the sovler or gold in addition). But my ukara renewal never goes through so just asking nicely if you could sort it out
  4. 1. Because of the gap between my first game and my second one for this weekend, does the count for 3 games start over for my licence? I first went last year in May =/ To qualify its 3 or more games in no less than 2months. In essence that means they need to be happy you are a regular airsofter. If i played on 1st of feb then on the 14th then on the 6th of march that is 3 games BUT its less than 2 months So i would need to wait till 1st of april as that would be the day that i have hit both requirements. Hell I could play every week and rack up 8 games but until you hit that 2 month mark you cant get your UKARA defence.(it isnt really a license, its just a defense that allows participating retailers to recognise you as an airsofter and not some joe off the street who wants to wave it round like a nutter or try to rob a post office) If you can list the dates of the games you have played at F&O sites I am sure it can be figured out when your big date is. 2. Am I ok to get a gold membership on the day or is it best done over paypal? Both options are solid. I personally prefer to buy my membership on site as if you buy your membership when you sign in, in the morning at the game you will get your member discount straight away also you can get your velcro badge too at the same time. why not check out these articles for more info: UKARA AND VCRA http://forum.firstan...vcra-ukara-faq/ MEMBERSHIP http://forum.firstan...what-its-about/
  5. Hi, renewed my silver at the hive on the 14th May. Alas UKARA showing as expired still. Some of my recent games: Hive 14th May Bolton members day 28th July Wrexham Operation Cold Dawn MIlsim 10/11th August First time I have renewed so not totally aware of the process.
  6. Quite a few folks have tuned their AEG's to be fast on the trigger response, I do it with mine. but spamming the trigger is just as much overkill as using auto. Suppression is fine and has a purpose, and that isnt for hitting someone in direct line 7-8 times even though hit 1 sent their arm up. If your aims that bad by a tri-shot. Some folk were asked to remove rigs and they did so quite rightly. Marshalls do a great job but cant have 360 degree vision at every spot on the cqb site. In the end I dont think its the site or the marshalls or the gear or the guns....its all about the players. The players make the game, they make the sport, for good or for bad.
  7. I was ingame chrono'd by Sam during the day. Just wanted to get that out. I also feel powerplay and call of duty syndrome occured quite a few times during the day. There were a lot of good players out there on the day. Some of the hires playing fantastically and nice single shots from regulars (like harrison knee capping me with just one shot and moving along..awesome shot dude) However a couple of the same individuals from the balderstone games with hit taking/power play issues showed up and with such low numbers and limited contact points if you came across them you knew you couldnt get past. Are they hopped up on adrenaline are they dishonest players...who knows. All I can say is that it got to a point where it was no longer fun to play and when that happens i pack my bag. I dont give a crap about losing, in fact some of the best days I have enjoyed is when I have spent way too much time walking to regen off the back of an awesome shot or teamplay that took me out. Being surrendered by a brand new player, knifed by a ninja and all those other points where you get outplayed honourably genuinely makes my day and puts a smile on my face. Being full auto'd at a single only site. Then politely asking said person to check their selector(yes dead men dont talk but this is a safety thing and I stand by what I said) just to see them ignore me and full auto the next person who came into view from 10 feet away. Theres never an excuse to fire 6+ round auto into someone at that range when you are firing from a concealed position and have them bang to rights. I also believe the site due its tightness would be a better moving site with pistols(gbb/aep), shotguns only. It would flow much better.
  8. glock 17 base plate from a WE mag if it turns up give us a shout
  9. Date of travel: 27th October 2013 Date of Departure: (if it is a double weekend etc) Location: Manchester, Stalybridge (alternatively from manchester airport) Postcode: sk15 2pn (airport M90 1QX ‎ ) Number of passengers: 1 Extra information: 1 rucksack, 1 bag (Will pay £20 for fuel and expenses)
  10. Thanks for the speedy help. Pm sent
  11. Thats the first time i have done more than a simply skirmish day. I will go with a no hold barred pros and cons list: (Just my opinion and bare in mind i only saw things from the UK/US forces side) PROS: 2 full days of continous scenario... Every single objective, every contact all adding up to the final confrontation on day two. Simply awesome. The command of each side splitting down into sections/fireteams with assigned leaders worked well (at least from the UK/US forces side) Using the whole site..every single lovely square inch of that varied terrain. Even saw places i had never seen before in many trips to the armoury. Ammo restrictions making every shot so very important, no simple blazing away. In character perfomances from the commanders and many others really getting into the spirit of things. Hats off to the russian scientist we captured, she played the role fantastically well. The small shop for last minute bits and bobs was also great. Out in the field with just what you take in. The gathering around the campfire at the end of the first hard day, sharing stories, having a good yatter. The option of a single day for some players so they could participate without the two day committment. Quality of play was high with good sportsmanship. I think i have finally gotten the hang of being the fear! CONS: Comms need to be sorted out before things start. On the 2nd day i was told gameplay would start at 8am (totally forgot about this, but was up at 6am just in case) A few found the fact the start of day two was delayed to be a tad off putting. That then changed when a rumour of sausage breakfast went around....but alas never appeared. No checks were made to see if people were following the magazine/ammo restrictions. I saw a few infractions but didnt want to say anything that may affect peoples enjoyment of the day ...Oh and nearly forgot a really awesome Pro.. Shooting Sam on the top of hilltop from the opposite side of the path to engineering while chest deep in brambles. I am sure my 416 will never let off a shot like that ever again. The hundreds of cuts are worth it....bloody stung again like merry hell when i got in the long awaited hot bath at home though.
  12. Did you get your membership through the website? If so it defaults to auto-renewal through paypal. Check your paypal account and click on MY MONEY and then MY PRE-APPROVED PAYMENTS. from there you can deactivate it from auto renewing. Then when it runs out buy bronze.....or alternative buy bronze at your site(making sure ahead of time they will have the capability to take your payment, do the paperwork etc on the day. You can also get your membership at the shop in swinton too.
  13. regards "clearing the site" i found the most difficult terrain a tactical advantage and am glad i slogged through the engineering backroute to pick up the airdrop cache on behalf of the allies with no resistance at all (not including the rest of my team being massacred on the main path to engineering....your sacrifice will not be forgotten) also i climbed chest deep through brambles for 5 minutes to take out a russian sniper....sooooworth it. If there isnt a path..............make one
  14. My elbow can testify to that sneakiness..still cant believe you spent an hour in cover just 15 feet from two entire sections of our team. Very i would have fallen asleep.
  15. be honest the fact day two started later was ok with me as i was still pretty knackered
  16. the new base structures. I can see them being advantageous in a few ways. 1: Anyone new to the site or only had a few visits can identify a base easily. (i didnt know my sandbag from my outpost for at least 6 visits) 2: gives a good definition of a base for objective purposes.(i.e objective in it has to be within the structure not hidden under logs 20 feet away! yes you know who you are. Or if you need to say "you need to be inside the base to win" etc etc
  17. just want to say (as it wont let me edit). this : "(it would work if it was done all the time or on regular days i suspect)" was supposed to say "(it wouldnt work if it was done all the time or on regular days i suspect)" Edit: Post changed by the forum fairy.
  18. found splitting into 4 opposing teams with the option for temporary alliances a great feature of a members day. (it wouldn't work if it was done all the time or on regular days i suspect) Moving the teams bases based on current perfomance to even things out was also good so that no one team felt demoralised. Only stopping play for lunch....sooo very full of win. Watching the yellow and red alliance shot the crap out of each other...very amusing. As someone said later ..I dont think they got the memo Being shot several times by different people while in the open waving both arms shouting "I am already dead" "HIT! for the 5th time!" and so on...not so amusing. I had assumed more experienced players check targets. Good hit taking as expected from what I personally saw and if in doubt I ran like a mad idiot at them with a pyro to be sure. Overall a good format for a members day
  19. mmmmm. Appears the original list had more errors than first suspected Could I be kept as an Alliance (UK.US) as originally booked. So that I am with my team
  20. As confirmed on facebook please move: Robert Kennion to Russian team. Asking the other wildcards who are coming to check they are on it in the right place too, just to be sure.
  21. To be honest I think that should be standard response everytime it happens
  22. Map has most features. Please read the key disclaimer!! Paths have been artifically enhanced, dont expect them to be clear all year!!
  23. Note on game days it often has a small sign at the side of the road Click on this link to see the exact turning in google maps
  24. I heartily agree on the UK rations being superior. Have they developed a self heat one yet? never fancied lugging a jetbboil or using those Damn hex cookers again.