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  1. John Andrews, Ollie TY, Hanis Berk, Matt Terry, Alex Bear. All own kit. Thanks
  2. Last minute plans :-) John Andrews, Ollie TY, Hanis Berk, Alex Bear All own kit Ta
  3. Please book in: John Andrews Ollie TY Both own kit Ta
  4. John Andrews Ollie TY Hamish Perks All own kit Ta
  5. Lost a VSR mag on 14th April Just wondered if anyone had picked it up? Needle in a haystack I know but possibly on the outskirts of laurel and knoll Ta
  6. Me and Ollie are already down I see. Just add sir Hamington please
  7. John Andrews, Ollie TY and Hambag Perks All own kit Ta.
  8. Please use the link to book in as it guarantees your place as you need to pay deposits for non members. I imagine the player cap for this day is going to be met
  9. I am silver and I'm booked in to go. As far as I know, it's still an open day, just non silver/gold members have to pay
  10. I was a little let down by the numbers there as I personally prefer the bigger games and the banded team showed us up big time! I agree with Tom, the marshal medic rule worked well!
  11. Get me on that list! It's been toooooooo long! John Andrews own kit Ta!
  12. It was my first time playing the tunnels and really enjoyed it! The afternoon games were awesome and loved sneaking round in the dark! My highlights of the day were watching GIJohn taking on a small army with just his pistol, (numerous times) mine and Ollies two man spotter combo, and last but not least, getting Gaz to surrender
  13. Absolutely gutted to have to do this but I'm going to have to unbook myself as it's my flippin grandads 90th birthday!
  14. John Andrews - Own kit JOHN ADKINS - Own kit Ta
  15. Rob I was JUST about to mention that! I'm sorry that we were that good that they didn't get chance to get in
  16. It was a draw! 21 points each!
  17. Really enjoyed the day, liked doing two long games and working with the wolverines and the Vikings as a whole team! Marshalling was tip top and the support staff were good too! Thank you for another enjoyable day!
  18. They use a few different brands mate, when I started the hire gun I used was an ASG. you won't need any extra mags as the hire guns come with a high cap mag which holds around 450 rounds!
  19. John Andrews - Own kit Ta
  20. Hello and welcome! My advice is to always give it a go first. It really doesn't matter what you wear as long as you've got some sturdy boots! Kit is something you accumilate over time and airsoft IS a very expensive hobby! Maybe see you there!
  21. Yes I liked the new medic rules too, but I agree, its hard to break the one hit arm up habit The variety of games was good and Dean made a good VIP in the escort game. I think everyone will agree with the hit taking issue of a certain four people that either left or were told to leave before the day ended, other than that, a great day
  22. Book me in please! Own kit Ta
  23. I wish I was Felix so I could be awesome at stuff...
  24. Almost as awkward as I felt when the guy next to me said it, and she leant over and looked STRAIGHT at me!!
  25. Really enjoyed the day, I really do like the long games that give you a bit more freedom to move around the whole area. What made a good day even better was *someone* saying that Mr Josh Salts mom was a milf and her blatantly hearing it, not once, but twice. It was the same guy that thought I had put 80m instead of 80ft in the last feedback thread but I just checked and im right You know who you are! :)