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  1. Saturday was my first time, But I'm almost done mind-shopping for what I wants. There shall be Two handguns oh yes! Camo is important but since im more urban than woodland I should be fine at anzio.
  2. I meant 16th june, This saturday just passed. I can get a bus from where I live into buxton and then maybe another towards the site (anzio) and pray it dont rain.
  3. That sounds about right,Might try to swing a bolton woodland before though. You there on the 16th? red or yellow? Oh, and which area do you live? (Not creepy at all) W e should grab other newbies and start revolution!
  4. Lillbill74 and I are in the same foxhole (not boat, thems navy). If your close to manchester, Mashed in afflecks or military kit on tib street are worth a look.My next event is anzio as well.
  5. So absolutly Rocked! My first game and aside from the rain (which was'nt all that important) I loved it, Missions were great, I camped next to Kev as we de-booby-trapped the box. Longest fifteen minuets ever. Great people and well run. Whens the pics up? Looking forward to the next one.
  6. M1887, Yeah google says thats right. And Why the eff not! Thats less fair than a two day weekend.
  7. Hi

    Woo! Thanks a lot.
  8. Full auto AA12 Shotgun with drum magazine? Rubber Knives? Or the terminator 2 underleaver shotgun?
  9. Hi

    Ok, I'm sold. Now Im having trouble going to the hire bookings page for the 16 june. I've typed in my Id and password but it keeps saying inncorrect user Id, its the same as the one for the forums, right?
  10. Hi

    Sound advice guys. Thanks for taking the time. Being outclassed would'nt bother me, if it did I would'nt leave the house. Is there some bitter rivalry between the wildcards and the Djinn? Is it some sort of civilised Gang warfare? Because thats awesome.
  11. Hi

    So the concensus is.....Im being a tit! Its just all so pretty. I've seen a Famas for £99 and a G36 for just shy of £130 on and more than I could ever want on Ehobbyasia. But I dont think the stuff I want would get past customs. Ill Hire my self an A.E.G, do you guys have any other tips? And Ill thank you dfrear for not making fun of my Black and orange springer thank you. Its superb if I can get within ten feet of someone. Whose alone. And looking the other way.
  12. Hi

    Thanks for the warmth. My pistol is a Black and orange piston driven. You have to cock it for each shot. I know it wont make a great impact in a skirmish, but on a Zombie day its awesome. I dont know about hire guns, I get attached very quickly and might not want to give it back.... I do know that Im getting a Baby Hi-Capa the moment I can afford one. As for the sniper Vs Grenadier its either Wookie suited bush hugging or PyroCleptomania...How do you guys feel about AEG Under £60. Answers on a post card.
  13. Hi

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Im Aj and I'm new to airsoft. Not Mil-Sim and not Spray and Pray, I've all my own gear (My Gun's are two-tone springers/ 8inch revolver and a Shotgun) I'm debating weather to go sniper or grenedier when I'm UKARA. Any advice? I have access to both Anzio and manchester woodland from where I live. I hope we get along, last time I did anything this social I upset a whole faction. Good times. Later.
  14. Have lunch whenerver, and have sheriff (Marshall) supervise,anyone who roll's a team ends up a wanted criminal who has all there Space monies confiscated upon death or put up as their bounty. That way only the desparate and the crazy would try it. People eat and roleplay at the same time. That said make the dining area a no fire zone so people can eat without the lead(lol) I've fantasy larped and when people are just stood around eating you lose the immersion aspect, also you could put up a bounty board where teams can take jobs hunting down lawbreakers. And can we get mobile chinese?
  15. Im so all over this. Must learn mandarin cursing. Daniel German Bounty hunter!!!