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  1. GAME DAY SPECIFIC RULES MAY BE ANNOUNCED DURING THE SAFETY BRIEF Usual Game Day Schedule Gates open 8.00am Safety brief 9.30am Games start 10.00am Lunch 12-1pm end day 16.00 or at Dusk, whichever comes first HIRES PLEASE BOOK ON VIA THE BOOKING LINK HERE Pre-Site Rules: Ages 13 and upwards (13 to 16 please ring for advice regarding parental consent and adult supervision). FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs Under 350fps for AEGS, Shotguns or pistols (no variance) Under 400fps for DMR (60 foot engagement range, no variance) Under 500fps sniper rifles (60 foot engagement range, no variance) Pyro: over 18s only We only allow the use of TLSFX bangs or BFG's with 9mm or below. We allow both TLSFX and Enola Gaye smoke grenades. BBs/Ammo: Plastic BBs only which do not shatter on impact are allowed on our sites. For Hire Guns, Only bbs sold at our site are allowed in hire guns. Facilities: Toilet, Parking, Food and refreshments First and only Retail Mobile shop (Gold and Silver 5% Discount applies) Contact the shop at [email protected] or 0161 727 8863 if you wish the shop to bring anything specific. Info: If you have any questions please give Jamie on 07786075129 9am-5pm or email [email protected]
  2. Welcome pal! Please do ask any questions you may have! You're making the right choice with Gold membership if you are 100% committing to it. The membership pays for itself within 10 games due to the £10 off, not mentioning the discount at the shop and access to member days! Each site usually has at least one member day a year which usually runs the day before or after an open day. For Gold members these are free to attend. The member days consist of long games and more immersive scenarios which require 100% team work. Cost wise if you're a gold member and bringing your own kit, it does cost £25 each normal day ( usually £35 for Anzio) slightly less for other sites. This price has been refined over a long time and is inline with other providers. But as you mention attending a site every two weeks does soon add up. One thing that you can do is use the new(ish) loyalty scheme which once you have brought 5 mates to a site & they hire you get a free day for yourself.
  3. That will have been me... Photos are usually uploaded to the Facebook group first- https://www.facebook.com/groups/22134443544/ But last week's photos are also on Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHskbBq6qj
  4. No worries & I believe there is, best bet is to give Jamie a ring, follow the links into the Bolton Section of this Forum & his contact details are there. He's the man who you need to let know any requirements Cheers!
  5. welcome pal, you get Overalls & a full face mask. Food is included at Lunch: Hotdogs, crisp, snack & drink
  6. http://forum.firstandonlyevents.co.uk/index.php?/topic/17850-riot-shield-gay-really-rules/page__hl__%20riot%20%20sheilds__st__20
  7. Last time it was discussed they basically aren't allowed- Or you'd count a hit to that the same way a hit anywhere else would count.
  8. Great stuff! We'll have no idea until around Thursday. Probably around 30ish as an early guess, usually thats a nice number at Bolton.
  9. 350 absolute max- not to be used on Fully auto inside buildings or along a building- you can fire it out a building fully auto though.
  10. Welcome to both Airsoft and F&O pal! Its a great hobby to get involved with! To try answer your questions see below, Membership: You don't have to become a member to play at our sites. All types of memberships will provide you with a UKARA number once you become eligible for UKARA membership (and have filled in the required forms)- To be eligible you have to have played 3 games in over 2 months- You don't need to be registered as a member during these games- but they do all need to be with F&O. More information can be found in the UKARA section of our forum. Green fees are the entrance fees to the site. (Not including the fees for your hire package) Yes the discount is on our shop. (Note some membership types don't give you this) & Yes usually each site holds one special members only day a year. The rest you have got all right. A little addition- the main way you'll save money by getting membership is on the money you save on the entrance or 'green' fees- £10 off a normal day each game soon adds up. (If you come regularly) And this discount can be used at any of our sites. Hire Kit: The basic hire package will give you a G36 with 1 Hi Capacity magazine full of BBs (Around 350) technacially these could last you all day- but I doubt it will. A bottle of 3000 can be bought onsite for around £10-£12 (I can't remember the exact figure)- Although I believe you can Pre-buy these on the online website where you book your hire kit. The package also gives you a full face mask & Overalls. The Premium package gives you the same as the above, plus one empty magazine one 3000 round bottle of BBs and overalls & a tactical vest. Protective kit is just some camouflage overalls- please bring some good boots with you (no trainers at bolton as it is a forest) Regarding a group discount please ring the shop when it reopens on Tuesday on 0161 727 8863- they'll patch you through to someone who can answer that for you. If you have any more questions please do ask! Hopefully see you soon! Matt
  11. It was Bongo taking them today, as I forgot the battery for my camera... Whoops. He'll have them up in the next few days I imagine, although he does have a lot on this week. Keep an eye on the First & Only Facebook group
  12. For anyone who isn't sure if they are sensitive to it, if you feel unwell near strobe lighting cover one eye and retreat to an area without Strobe lights. You'll feel unwell but are much less likely to have a seizure.
  13. They are allowed as I understand. Usual don't be a dick rule. Strobes are designed to not operate on the frequency that effects people with photo sensitive epilepsy. In the UK, the flash rate of strobe lights is restricted to a maximum of four flashes a second by the Health and Safety Executive. This rate is considered to be safe for most people. However, some people with photosensitive epilepsy may still find strobe lights could trigger a seizure- if someone informs us they are susceptible to Strobe lights then the site manager might prohibit the use of them that day.
  14. RE medical stuff, As above, inform the site manager and if its needed in game call a marshal or get another player to, if it starts to get serious before a marshal can get there, you or that player can call a ceasefire, which will allow you more freedom to help yourself in a safe environment. Ceasefires quickly render the site safe in order for us to deal with emergencies (which someone immediately needing an inhaler is) As Mathusalah also says keep it in the top right hand pocket- this is incase you are unable to get to it for any reason we know where it;ll be so we can get it out for you, and help you take it yourself.
  15. I believe you need to buy Downgrade shells for it, the regular shells are too powerful. (These are also banned outright at midlands sites)