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  1. interesting i will forward buddy
  2. The Mill New site Build days . Sat 16th / Sun 17th / Thur 21st and Fri 22nd Over the next month we will be preparing the new Mill site in Wigan . and we will need help . the deal is easy if you help us build you get free games . The system is easy 3 hours of help gets you a 3 hour game section . and there will be an helpers open evening on the 14th just for people who have helped out .. This week were doing the below Clearing all the rubbish . Sorting out the electrics . building the safe zone . moving some kit we left at the old mill site to the new site . building the Market area . Drinking brews and eating chocy biscuits . I will be on site from 10 AM You Must message me on 077 860 75129 to say your coming before turning up guys .. Thanks Jamie
  3. Location: UNIT 2S MILL 1 SWAN MEADOW INDUSTRIAL ESTATE SWAN MEADOW ROAD WIGAN WN3 5BD Game Day Schedule Gates open 10.00 am (its advised to come early for booking and kit prep) Games start 11.00 am there are three sessions per day one at 11 am one at 3 pm and the final one is at 7 pm on Saturday and Sunday. 3 pm and 7 pm on Thursday. Cost · Walk on – £17.5 (Silver £15/Gold £12.5) if your joining the next session then there is a £5.00 Discount for that ** · Hire – From £7.5 per session · Hire Package 1: Gun, Mag full of BB’s, Full face mask, Protective clothing – £7.50 · Hire Package 2: Gun, Mag full of BB’s, Full face mask, Protective clothing, Tactical combat vest, Extra mag, Bottle of 3000 BB’s – £12.5 All bookings follow link: https://firstandonlyevents.co.uk/locations/mill-wigan-manchester/ Pre-Site Rules: FPS limits Measured with 0.20g bbs Under 350fps for AEGS/PISTOLS/SHOTGUNS ( no variance) Pyro: we only allow the use of MK4 TLSFX pyro's that are sold on site or BFG's with .209 or below. BBs/Ammo: · Plastic BBs only which do not shatter on impact are allowed on our sites. · For Hire Guns, Only bbs sold at our site are allowed in hire guns. Note: Ages 13 and upwards (13 to 16 please ring for advice regarding parental consent and adult supervision.) Facilities: Toilet, Parking, Food and refreshments, Charging Facilities First and only Retail Mobile shop (Gold and Silver 5% Discount applies) Contact the shop at [email protected] or 0161 727 8863 if you wish the shop to bring anything specific. ** ( please note discounts are not accumulative and can not be used in conjunction with membership discounts . )
  4. all the details will be up soon guys
  5. you can do a self check on the site or ring our shop and the guys can check .. 0161 727 8863
  6. normally two to three days but we say within 7 days to be safe
  7. welcome to the fun buddy
  8. hi mate and welcome , you will have a great time at the site with the boys there a good bunch
  9. allways ring the shop about UKARA issues buddy 0161 727 8863 ..
  10. thankf for spending the time to wright that up buddy , i will have a chat to Carl
  11. hi buddy most of started at GW but we all got sacked .. see you around
  12. ring the shop buddy 0161 727 8863
  13. just ring the shop or on line buddy eather way give them your members number aswel .
  14. welcome