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  1. Training was absolutely excellent, im from the harlequins but was alongside the Vikings and wolverines was well worth the money and would definitely do it again. Thanks to jester,matt and felix it was awesome and thanks to everyone who particiipated see you at the next one!
  2. Really enjoyable day even though it snowed but never noticed due to f/o providing excellent gameplay also thanks to everybody for their good team spirit and their honesty as there were no issues this made my birthday enjoyable and one to remember all marshalls are awesome as usual felix is ace, love the gun,jester is also awesome for setting the stoner up thanks to you all
  3. Can you book me in meat and own kit please
  4. Can you please book in Badmanners Paul triggahappy wedge Andy fentham
  5. Hey

    WELCOME hope you enjoy. the asylum is my favorite site look forward to having another new face make sure you have a good pair of boots buddy different and un even ground see you soon
  6. first of all i would like to thank the marshals fo helping me at dinner time in my hour of need thankyou. i realy enjoyed today as we where being led by paul triggahappy wedge we worked realy well we pushed forward collected the three items and we kept hold of them in cedars the calls that were made by triggahappy worked well. after lunch it seemed that the team seemed to split and there was no real direction things just seemed to fizzle people just seemed to do there own thing and that didn't work as well but a wonderful day really enjoyed it. marshals were superb and thanx to dean white who i have renamed distraction you know why doesn't he jester thanx to all players felix treebeard and all marshal's .Oh and nice shooting assasin john MY BEST GAME YET :) :)
  7. hello buddy welcome to the forum you will find it very useful for information hope you enjoy
  8. thanx for the offer of a free pass on the grand opening buddy i will come and help and i will still pay thanx anyway buddy
  9. You wouldn't have equal sides in real case senario's so the ammo being lowered for our team the russians wouldn't of been right i thought th uksf rised to the challenge well and people using high caps or mid didn't make that much difference they still have to wind there ammo as we have to change a mag
  10. first time doing a simulation type game and was unsure weather id like it .But after going to this i really enjoyed it loved the medic rule and the gun rule wasn't to sure about the bleedout time but overal rules seemed to work i also felt that information was only given to certain people and was not always shared correctly .there was a small no of people that was given orders by felix and lynchie and just did not listen which spoilt it some times when our three leader's where captured we seemed to loose what we were meant to be doing. due to previous information being shared.Story line very well thought out roll playing i loved. would love to do again with you guys. should do a 24 hr felix and treebeard as i would come if people would please say on here so felx could see no's and maybe consider and just a thanx to everyone and F&O for a FANTASTIC day oh and lovely to see you back gemma better seeing you no offence felix .lol AWESOME THANKYOU ALL
  11. another great day medic rules were awesome it was a laugh realy enjoyed the day. struggled with how humid it was but was a great day a few people was hot tempered that day but all seemed to fizzle out .thanx to everyone for an enjoyable day thanx
  12. had an awesome day today even though there were fewer marshals people played fair . thanx to chris and salty for the help going through the buildings and the advice and support given through out the day thanx marshals and not forgetting felix for a great day. cheer's