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  1. Had an awesome day. Great play from all. Not been for months but thoroughly enjoyed it. No complaints at all. Big thanks to all the marshals. Looking forward to the photos.
  2. Really enjoyed the morning game, couldn't believe how quick the morning went. Had a good day despite the bugs, The gameplay was of a good standard all round. No issues to speak of. Like the idea of giving the new guys a specific safety brief. Can always gloss over them in the brief if anyone has questions. Will have to agree, the virus game was a little "pony" but was worth a try. Could be good with a little tweaking. Time limits would be a good idea or after a certain amount of time the defenders get reinforcements and can push back and reverse the game. All in all a good day as always.
  3. really good day. great gameplay and really enjoyed the scenarios. liked the way they had a bearing on the rest of the day. big pat on the back to marshalls and jamie. would like to see the pics and how they came out.
  4. yeah yeah yeah. would have had you all at the campsite if they had not stopped the game. you only got me cos i nearly got stepped on. got a lovely neat little grouping on my knee from stu. i owe you for that!
  5. great day. really well planned and adapted. as for the friendly fire incident it was not my fault! we were told they were hostile by a player/marshal on our team. you know who you are! granted the chance to hunt some of the CIA players was more than appealing.
  6. really good day, really well planned and played by both teams. though it pains me to say it. cant thank dan and sears enough. would not think twice about doing it again.
  7. Really good day. some really good games and better gameplay. think the weather took its toll towards the end of the day but was still a really good day. could not tell noobs from regulars everyone got stuck in and wet and muddy. all adds to the realism.
  8. you have no idea mate. without a doubt it is the best and biggest site i have seen or heard of. could easily get 200 people on it. you will need plenty of pyro, hard work entering the building and clearing them. full face protection of some sort is a good idea. hopefully they will put the photos on soon.
  9. spent a day at the site in leek, what a day. the new site is amazing, got that same rush i had the first time i played. could not believe how good it was. the site is huge and the buildings are like little sites dotted around the big site. could have spent days there. the camping was handy aswell, campsite was a mile away and only cost 4 quid per person. plus the pub was 50 yards from our tent. would recomend it to anyone. if you dont like this site then you are not an airsofter.