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  1. Entrance is through the double gates next to the roundabout bud, there will be a banner on the gates also.
  2. No It Doesnt need to be at the same site bud, As along as it is 3 full skirmishes at Anzio/Hive you should Quality For UKARA.
  3. Its No problem Bud, The shop Wont be Open tomorrow due to everyone being on site for Games. It will be re-open on sunday or You can send Jamie a Message on here (Jimjogg) or give him a ring tomorrow on - 07786075129
  4. Ring the guys at the retail shop and explain the situation and they should be able to sort it for you.
  5. Welcome to the World of airsoft and the forum, there are a few different ways to get to the hive from Wythenshawe, Get a bus/tram to Manchester Piccadilly and then get the Number 17 Bus From Shudehill which goes to rochdale. This will stop at Middleton town centre/interchange where you can see the hive (look for the tower saying warwick mill) next to the big tesco and is a easy 5 minute walk.
  6. Welcome to the Forum & Airsoft Bud
  7. Sadly There Wont be any More Game days at these two sites... Unless Jamie can somehow work his magic do not get your hopes up lads.
  8. HI mate Welcome to the forum Bud
  9. Welcome Back to the hobby chap and the forum.
  10. Sorry should of explained it a bit more, it's the tan serpa that's going up for sale soon chap
  11. WE like Tokyo marui glock are wider then real steal won't fit in blackhawk Serpa's. I have a Clone Blackhawk Serpa in tan (same one as hollyoak) that fit both my marui glock 17 and 26, going up for sale soon
  12. Welcome to the world of airsoft and the forum bud
  13. Still jealous of your new glock Monkey Great Day some awesome play by both sides, couldnt ask for better weather then today
  14. What did you guys think of today? Personally I had a awesome time, hardly any issues and awesome play by both sides with some great laughs.
  15. Please could you link us to this thread where just over a third plus of the players on the day are ranting