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  1. Sarah Bonnett Daniel millington Both own kit
  2. These are pics of the what the mag looks like. Its identical to this one. Luckily i have 2.
  3. Date and type of the event: Saturday 17th June 2017 Open day Brief description. KJ Works KP06 High Capa black Mag More detailed Description: No butt plate on the bottom where gas goes in/holds spring in Last Seen: When i used the pistol shooting out of the window in bottom corner facing Med Block of D5.
  4. Booked in on the events and paid 2 deposits. Sarah bonnett Daniel millington both own kit
  5. For Drivers use this format: Quote Date of Travel: 5th December Travelling from: Barnton Cw84Ls. 1/2 hout away from Warrington Will to go via: Im travelling from Barnton,Northwich area near Warrington. I drive through middlewich,Leek but don't mind if not too far getting people. Number of spaces in the car left:3 backseats/1 front passenger. Rules: general car rules. I'm the Boss Date of Departure: 5th December Extra information: Split fuel costs, can discuss more about costs/rules/etc.
  6. I live in Cheshire northwich. Not far from Manchester/warrington/chester. I don't mind getting you if were playing at the same place. I do ask for fuel contribution though if thats ok. Just message me as I might have some camo you could buy too.
  7. I go on a regular basis to anzio in leek. Im not a member but so i pay the full amount. My spending usually consists of: - £35 for the whole day - £14 petrol. £7 each way . - 3 pyro for £10 OR 7 for £20 Then there is extra bbs. 3000bbs A bottle is I think about £10. Then there is a shop to buy some goodies and not accounting for any Other food/drink you might want on the way or afterwards Let me know if you wanna know anything else I will try my best to help or find out for you. HOPE THIS HELPS!!
  8. Was nice meeting you guys.. will hopefully see you at anzio again soon. Do you guys remember seeing me there. Trying to work out which bunch of peeps you were.
  9. im soo glad i came on that day, and what i can remember i think elneo i kept meeting you in the respawn area. Then running back off with you and ya mates as id lost mine. hoping it wasnt me that shot you as i was using my shotgun and desert eagle alot lol.. if so, sorry as youd be the first one i shot in the face by accident at the weekend, the second being a friend chris and at the manor. Was a jolly good pistols vs aegs at the end, when i threw a pyro to simon to kill someone.. and us defending the D buildings. Cant wait till my next one
  10. Yeh guys and girls... was a fricking aawesome day, Loved the first game, where i was the last man standin, was abso shitting myself though especially as i could hear ya all planning to rape me lol. The Wildcards were with us again and we all played well together as usual... that ghost grenade from you dunk on the first game was epic. Again, was an awesome day.Cant wait till another one.
  11. sorry lol... il aim higher next time
  12. Yeh was an absolute brill day, not as many people as usual but like everyone has said it seemed to work better as everyone was working as teams. Now the best part I had of the day was shooting a red in D2 on the stairs, him getting mediced then running into the room I was in with his pistol shouting "surrender". I was like LOL no, boom. Shot him in the thigh. Then later on in the same room, just after a yellow threw a bfg to the stairs and killed many reds, 1 runs in and gets owned. There was like 4 or so yellows in there. Good try though All in all a really good day, I enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one. Mcnab, you will have to ask my other half novastriker on here, as its his cam what make it is and so on.
  13. I had a cam on my head but cos it was on my head,wasn't sure half the time if it was on lol. Plus cam was pointing upwards so footage wasn't that great. Thanks to the wildcards for letting us team up with them and taking us under their wing, was nice team work from us all. The last game, aegs vs pistols was I thought the best game, think mainly because I got to shoot my other half dave :-) then it was close between me and dunk at the end, until he bfg me by just placing it at my feet, then getting me find it for him. If I hadn't panicked, maybe it would of been a draw maybe. But I will never know. Was a really good day though, so thanks all. And thanks to whoever I shot for taking your hit from a girl.