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  1. I agree with the majority of what zero says above. The organisation in game seemed very good (I just wish the start times could get sorted out, as this seems a regular thing with f&o events, the only con in my opinion). Re: gameplay, I saw some awesome hit taking and only heard one real complaint regarding no hit taking. The final showdown was brilliant, an excellent crescendo from a big build up. Big thanks to marshals and organisers for making it a brilliant day. Has anyone heard how Vic is doing with his ankle?
  2. Guys just to check ill be in civvies bar a DPM assault vest (loads of plain OD pouches, but a slight bit of DPM is visible). Am I cool with this? It will be very obvious I am not UK/US due to everything else I've got on. Cheers, Adam
  3. Come join the Russians! The motherland needs your help! Also, deserters will be shot. Just saying.
  4. Again, apologies if this comes across a bit newbie, but what do people normally carry for lunch? I assume this is something we would be taking out with us first thing and keeping with us until we eat it? Sorry, I'm finding it hard to judge how often I'll be back at regen. Do most people drop a bag at regen and just nip back there when hungry or carry this on them all day? Apologies - first milsim weekender. Excited for it, just want to know what to expect. Thanks for the help guys, Adam
  5. Thanks mate, it's Adam Hill, Russians, both days. Cheers, Adam
  6. Crack I've just realised I've not made it clear on the PayPal payment it's for the full weekend, any ideas who I would notify?
  7. Can we get any visibility on how many are booked in for each team? Also, are we going to get a more in depth briefing on how the day is going to kick off or are we going with a surprise? (Thinking for prep / gear etc). I get that the day will be fluid dependant on performance of each team but it would be nice to know if we're going to be holed up defending somewhere / on patrol /on the attack etc. Cheers, Adam
  8. Booked in for the Ruskie's, mid caps and camping gear on order. Well excited!
  9. Thanks Zero and Swampy! Swampy: - When you say restrictions on regen will apply, do you mean how quickly / often you can regen or how much ammo you can keep there? - Re: Stoppages, although these games will each affect eachother, will there be 5 mins to nip back to load up in between or are we talking passing the brief via comms and keep on going? - Re: Comms, do we need sub-channel comms or will the standard 8 channels do? I don't want you to think I'm hesitant on joining, I just want to make sure I'm properly equipped (only have hi-caps at the moment, so will need to invest in mid's + new plate carrier if it's worth it. I normally only run 2 hi-caps at a time anyway, but an extra 200 rounds in a game like this could be very useful! Thanks again, Adam
  10. Couple of questions if that's OK? 1) Is the # round limit for what you have in your mags, or in addition kept in the safe zone? I.e. could you have 1x 500rd Hi-cap on you and another at the respawn area, or is this overall? 2) Also, when it says no limits on low caps, does this mean low's and mid's can use burst / auto? 3) Are we talking about one 2-day game or multiple throughout? 4) No booze in game, understood. Booze at night, yes? 5) No 'spare' ammo - does this include speed loaders? Sorry if some of these are a bit newbie, I've not done a full-on milsim weekend before, closest I've come is the Black Hawk Down night we did at Anzio. Cheers, Adam
  11. Absolutely awesome day, been after some proper CQB for a while and this being 20 mins from home is excellent. Loved how fast paced the whole day was. To be honest I get a little bored with large spread out games where you can go half an hour without seeing an enemy. Here I don't think I went half a minute! As per everyone else I think, I loved the Death Bowl games (I actually ended up playing this 3 times due to getting confused between floors!). Apart from this the game in the video above over all 3 floors I think was excellent. The choke points at stairwells can be frustrating but it feels damn good when you work as a team and manage to take the entire floor in one big rush. Only downside for me was the virus game. I like the concept but in reality I don't think this works well due to how confused the gameplay is. Overall, absolutely excellent day, really good sportsmanship all round from what I saw including very good hit-taking all round along with, as always, excellent marshaling. I believe this will now be a very regular site for me. Thanks guys, Adam (pistol and shotgun, black baseball cap and t-shirt)
  12. D/C what is yours and Bongo's YouTube ID?
  13. Date and type of the event: Jan 19th Brief Description: M4 Highcap Mag More detailed Description: Red tape around the bottom, hole in side for allen key wind-on. Darker colour grey than most M4 mags. JG make. Last Seen: In my vest in the morning.
  14. Any joy on the drone cam footage? Interested to see the game from the eye in the sky!
  15. First time playing in the snow and absolutely loved it. Disappointed that yellows didn't make a run for the stairs in the last game as I had some tactical snowballs with your name on em . Good sportsmanship for the most part which is always nice and refreshing at F&O sites (meaning It's usually like this, not the other way round!) Loves storming D3 and taking out 11 yellows only to be laughed at on the way out the building for my gay run in the snow lol. Really wanna see the other videos/ pics (especially from the drone). Cheers, Adam PS D/c that linky doesn't work for me!