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  1. I have a CYMA M4S system. Why do you need to strip it? Don't fix what isn't broken. I tried to do it, but you need to remove the front sight which has grub screws that contact the barrel. These have to come out at some point because the gas block is attached to that metal rod you can see within the hand guard. The upper receiver can slide off after the body pins have been popped out, and when the top rail parts have been unscrewed. Tricky to explain, but hopefully that helps.
  2. If anything that would be really unfair for those who are not requiring medic. The person on the ground gets a rest, lower profile, a very easy to handle gun, and another chance to slot the guy who got the drop on them in the first place. I can see that kind of thing getting out of hand to be honest.
  3. Binatone Action 1000 is pretty decent
  4. Can F&O get a hold of one of these for me for the 27th of October? I will have UKARA on that day and I'm hoping to have a RIF for then, and be able to play a game with it. Sorry about the external site, its the only place I know that has it in the UK P.S. I will be at the Armoury on that day Cheers, Ali
  5. Absolutely cracking event. Met some new and old faces, all cracking blokes, hopefully I can play alongside you guys again. Pros: 1. Swapping the roles of each unit on the Russian team was an awesome idea. Gives one unit the chance to rearm and have a breather back at base if they are defending. 2. The effort was great on both sides, absolutely spot on. 3. Everything that people have said already before me. Now for the improvements/minor issues. 1. Comms. Speaks for itself. 2. Russian GRU: We went three or four hours without seeing anyone, maybe we were just unlucky. 3. Team balancing. When the village became pistols only, a lot of us lacked sidearms. Thats where a large portion of the fight situated, and our unit (See 2.) were forced to go walkies elsewhere, hence the lack of engagements for us. 4. One or two situations of hit taking. I doubt I missed a man-sized target from four metres away through a couple of thistles even after 5 shots, although that isn't specific to OCD. Still, we lost some ground because of it. 5. Some parts of the site can be cleared out even more so. To the left of Engineering in sort of the direction of the Fort is a pathway or two. A month or two ago I could get through there, no longer the case. Not sure if thats a gameplay decision, but it did mean the back route to Engineering became obsolete. 6. Perhaps next time we can have more in-depth RoE. Like Russians going out unarmed investigating what is going on. 7. Maybe, if there is the money or time for it, have detailed bombs and IEDs, where we can defuse and cut wires. Even have someone in an EOD suit or something, making the 'long walk'. Have designated EOD operators, scout snipers, DMs and various other roles, so there is more structure than generals and lieutenants. More depth for each person with specific responsibilities. That would be sweet. 8. COMMS!!! Final comments It was far more in depth than the standard Open Day, which gave me a different experience. I don't want to wait another year for the next one though All in all, a great event at a great site. Hope Vic is doing ok, he got pretty unlucky with that and hope he has a speedy recovery. Keep up the great work, F&O. You never disappoint me. Thank you, Ali
  6. I paid the £20 deposit and I'm not yet on the list. Alastair Budryk Russian Team Saturday only
  7. I think callsigns and squads etc. is a must with pretty much most sites. It gives more depth and makes the games feel more immersive. I understand that not everyone can/wants to fork out cash for radios, but having small squads to focus on certain objectives would be cool. Else it ends up as a situation of pumping more and more people at an objective until defenders get overwhelmed, which kind of kills it for me. As you said, amateurs could stick with the veterans. Having a general or commander of sorts would always be good, and opens up realms of having your leader captured, then going to rescue them. Your point about knifes and grenades is very good, knifes should instantly be a regen. Grenades should be perhaps 1 minute bleed out, instead of 3 or 5. Grenades would naturally do more damage over bullets, but you wouldnt necessarily be killed instantly. Also, mags-out at endex is a good suggestion, helps propel the day along quicker with less hiccups. This is a god thread, hopefully more people put their ideas forward too, it improves it for everyone as well a themselves.
  8. Absolutely great day for me, apart from the epic sunburn that soon followed Has been my best F&O visit to date, and is now also my favourite site. One thing I would like to know is who was hiding in a bush in the second to last game, where me and one other guy got pyro'd out of nowhere after getting all the way behind the Red Team This is now my go-to site, despite the 40 minute drive. Can't wait for the next one. Thanks again, Ali
  9. Hello there! Your first question regarding GBB rifles, it isn't really anything about the law and more to what you mentioned about maintenance and cost. The temperature here fluctuates a fair amount through the seasons, so gas performance will obviously be changing more. I'm not too sure about how much the weather changed in the Netherlands, so I can't really make much comparison. As far as the shop goes, I agree, there isn't as much on offer as I had hoped, but there is a retail shop in Manchester you could visit, as the variety will be greater. I'm not sure about when they update the online shop, but you can ask Martin about ordering specific guns, using this link here http://forum.firstan...s/page__st__140 I plan on ordering from RedWolfUK, and I reckon they are pretty good, but if you are not keen on buying it from them, you can always ask for kit using the above link. You are able to take part in any matches planned, just go to the forums where the names of the sites are, and look for Open Day booking threads. From there, you can book at the site you want to go to. Any info relating to that game site can be found on the forums related to it. Being a member basically lets you save money and get discounts on gear, ammo etc. Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask All the best, Ali
  10. Thanks for clearing that up, much appreciated. Do you know any upcoming large events, as in things like Corp Wars and other operations?
  11. Hi there, What does it mean when it says things like Members Days, where you go for free or something like that? The only things I see in the calendars are basically open days. Are they like Open Days but only for members or is it something else? Feel a bit retarded asking this, but I'd like to know before spending 100 quid on Gold, just so I know whats what. Cheers, Ali
  12. Ok thanks for that.
  13. Hey guys, I've looked through the recent topics on the subject, but I don't feel sure about my situation. I have played two out of three games so far (last year in July and some other time before, I forgot when). I turn 18 in October 20th this year, so if I play a game before or on that date, would I be eligible for UKARA? The UKARA website doesn't say anything about the constraints in which the three games have to be played, but I don't know about F&O rules on the matter. I want to avoid paying for another three open days, so I can save up to buy my first RIF. So, do I qualify for UKARA? Cheers, Ali
  14. Hey there. When will you be getting some more CA M15A4 two tones? It always says 'coming soon'. Is that also the only two tone you stock? Cheers