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  1. Meh, I think i got him in the face earlier in the day so you could count that as payback?? lol I also got The German in the ear. I think i need to aim lower down haha
  2. This REALLY made me laugh. Mr Green, you really need to use 2 hands and i tried to defend your corner saying you were carrying rifle should of took it but Dave was having non of it haha
  3. Hi, Is there any chance you might have a UKARA form to fill in on the day. Just i have no way of printing one before the day and i wanted to get it filled in and sent off. Cheers Tom
  4. I am personally a big fan of MagPul and i thought this might be something to consider. I am looking at getting a MagPul Beta Project Tactical AK. I love the look of the MagPul ones and they seems to be getting amazing reviews everywhere i look. Just food for thought
  5. What sites would you suggest for more of the milsim stuff? Just i have been a few times with F&Oand i like the open days but i would like to experience an "event" day just because i like the more team/tactical approach to it.
  6. I play at a few sites, incl bolton, anzio, going the asylum in December. Otley, we dont play at any particular place, i think we might start playing at Anzio a bit more in the new year when i have got all my stuff.
  7. So i will be attending my 4th game this year but my first outside the two month threshold. I was wondering if there was a list of sites we can get a UKARA form stamped at. I know some places don't do it but i think it might be a good idea if it was stickied. Sorry if it already has been i just cant seem to see anything
  8. Hi Just wondering what type of things you will be stocking in this new store. I was also looking to buy a Beta Project Tactical AK soon, is this something that you will be having available to look at in the new store? Cheers Tweedie
  9. Yea i really do like the urban style of play rather than jungle style however i am game for both just to get back in the saddle as such. Wasnt fun when i got shot from less than 10ft away by my own team haha Still got the marks on me
  10. Just wanted to say "Hi" as i came to Wrexham Armoury and i was the only Newbie there. Just wanted to say it was a fantastic day and i think he is called "White Russian" told me to sign up, so here i am (I did post in another section, sorry i got it wrong)