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  1. Hi All, Quick question: Is it OK to go to take pictures only(my knee gave up),and if yes do I have to pay the walk on fee? Thanks in advance Rookie
  2. Thanks for the kind words,but i just posted,my mate,took and edited the video.i think he'll be happy to hear this. Next game two of us wi have cameras,so that's going to be even better!im the one with the black outfit and the red flashider(don't laugh) ak47. Stick with us next time!
  3. Hi All, My mate has finally managed to edit this vid, enjoy, rate it, comment it, etc; Also please note that this his first vid. :? ... ture=email
  4. Thanks for all the advices, i'll take them! This saturday will be my first day, i hope i'll see some of u guys. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for all the replies! Meanwhile i have found the Bolton Woodland site so i have poured my silly questions there as weel As Chandler mentioned : "Just ask them for what you want ( when you meet the requirements ) and they will sort you out ". what kind of "requirements should I meet?!No reckless behaviour, etc. ?! Anckle support is covered, cheers ( im a criple ) Any general advice?I use to look for equipment on ebay, do you know any trusted sites, where i can buy equipments? Thank you for the answers, i hope i will see you guys soon.
  6. Hi All, I'm quite new on this site and with the game itself, and I have few questions: I'd like to play at Manchester Woodland, and I'm interested about the equipments as a new starter. - In woodland sites is a requirement to have woodland clothes,or I can go in civilian clothes at the first times? - Is there any need for short wave radios or it is optional? - If I wanna sign up for a game is there forums for each games or I have to contact the organizer? - Is the First and Only have supplier, once i have played min.3 times,have the UKARA, and i'd like to buy RIFs? That's it for now, thanks in advance.