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  1. I plan to be down
  2. I plan to be down.
  3. Ill be down, own kit.
  4. Ill be down.
  5. Cant make it now.
  6. Ill be down
  7. As a point of note, I run a CYMA copy 226. I get an average of 190 fps on 0.25. Its not that as a pistol the range or trigger responce is that bad, its more that the FPS is so low, many people dont know they have been hit by it.
  8. Lancashire's a big place, any more of a location hint?
  9. I gave a full debrief to Digger on the day, but a few extra things have come to mind over the days following. Comms: Having been to Berget, a major milsim in Sweden, I can say they won’t get any better. The site is too hilly and dense with buildings and trees to offer good coverage from public band radios. So you would be now looking at private band/powerful sets that I think are out of most people’s price range. That or do what Berget did and get a 30 foot portable radio mast. They also gave out pay as you go mobiles to senior command staff because it was easier to get a mobile signal. Also, one type tends to not want to talk to another, so for local/squad comms you would need to make sure that units are on the same/similar makes. All of this takes time to program and get working, so If game on was 10, you would need to plan ops won’t start till 11 as people sort comm nets out. Squads & NCOs: Since comms will always fail, the next best option is a good squad leader and plan of action. I think the big improvement needs to be that command & NCO’s need to be chosen and in place weeks before the event to allow them to plan. The failure on the day (I speak about the Russians here), was that while we had an overall idea of what was going on, we didn’t have a clear set of objectives to achieve to do it. Since comms always fail, everyone needs to know how to win the game on their own, so they can make their own judgments and proceed. A common mistake is that command staff keep information to themselves and not pass a full briefing onto the teams because they ‘don’t need to know’. It’s a big mistake. No one ever lost a game because they knew too much. The best way to do this is have full command meetings with team NCO’s where a full debrief and mission update is given in group so everyone is fully aware of what the current situation is. NCO’s also need to give orders that take into consideration that comms always fail. For example: Assault Engineering for 2pm. Attack lasts one hour. Re group at Top Secret for 3.20. If you can’t make that, go to the Village to re-enforce the defenders, as we will go via there on our way back. If all else fails, head back to HQ and wait. This will of cause necessitate a certain amount of training for the NCO and command staff. Perhaps they could arrive Friday evening and do there admin and organisation then?
  10. Possibly dumb question, but just making sure: Is the shop or sale items on site? Its just I will need to buy about 2000 0.25s on the day.