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  1. Found a small multicam bag full of bbs last game day, has been handed in
  2. Hi guys! Just want to say thank you to everyone who has attended this year old and new! Was nice to see the regular faces and some new faces which have come back over the year! Great sportsmanship and good attitudes all around and everyone has got stuck in and left the site with a smile on there faces! There is a game on the 28th which is going to be fun! Like the standard game types but with a Christmas twist! Turkey and stuffing sarnies, mince pies and chocolate treats are some of the things to look forward to! If we don't see you on the 28th have a happy Christmas and a great new year and we hope to see you next year! Thanks guys!!!!
  3. The next game day I will keep my eyes open for it!
  4. And a timer set to a generous 10-15 minuets and only a designated engineer can difuse it........
  5. When we played it on Sunday it worked quite well! I think the players where too scared to move up!!
  6. And it will also stop players getting wet and muddy trying to cross the damn streams!
  7. That hit rule sounds spot on! Instead of standing around waiting for a medic you come straight back into play! (As soon as you have reached your designated regen point!) That game idea sounds awesome!!!!!
  8. Haven't seen this game mode in a while......capture the flag! You could use the bunker area at the top or the village at the bottom, simple capture the enemies flag and return it to your base! When you are hit you drop the flag where you where hit and the team who's flag has been stolen has to secure the area and take the flag back to there base and vice versa, when either team scores you swap the sides round! Was thinking the bunker all the way down to the village but I think the team that starts at the village will have a right laugh trying to get up the hill!
  9. Was thinking about making the village better, get some low cover in there so the team that's defending it have places to hide, and the team that's attacking will have to plan out there attack and use the undergrowth that's coming up to set up ambushes! if this happens it would be a really challenging scenario for both teams!
  10. Ok thanks Martin! And when are you getting some double eagle m56dl shotguns in Cheers!
  11. hi martin any idea when you are getting any of those molle vests in stock? cheers