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    airsofting, gothic, games, xbox, pc, music, metal and more!
  1. welcome f and o have alot of great sites all over place, best ones to ty and play at anizo, mall, embasy.but theres alot of good ones around, you meet alot of nice people on here anythign unsure of ask any of us x
  2. here is the first video from today, keep a check out for updates as to when i release the other i'll prob do these in each type of game. (thats the knife kil lfail at the end) as promised doen for today! PS: cheers for a good day! (thats my channel!)
  3. LOL im used to it i play at a place weekly so i am used to being the topic of being picked on in groups on fb LOL. mainly cos of my pink m4. im hopefuly will be going to leek site soon.
  4. hello all im new yes i am a girl. and i am prob more manly then you are. im a good airsofter been playign for only afew months and wanted to say hello.