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  1. I should be along for this one, 1x Nicky Austin.
  2. Only in Otley can CQB come to woodland!
  3. Have a look in the information thread and there is a link to a google map there. If you zoom in a bit you can see a strip of tan coloured land with 3 small buildings on it, that is the safezone and it forms the top left of the site.
  4. Same here as I am back at work, but i should also be along in january for more deep and rational debate, low-calorie "deep fried" mars bars and guns pulled to bits in the safe zone
  5. First job is a black, lighting-bolt shaped stock
  6. I like that river patrol one, it was always a good one at Honley.
  7. You forgot the Rodent Slum Lord title!
  8. Very good pics, thanks Looking forward to the vids as well
  9. Another idea: Predator - Most of you can guess the basics of this one - it would be set after the film, with teams being a CIA science team sent in to survey the blast zone being protected by a couple of spec ops teams. The other team are the rebels who are also interested in why their base has been flattened and are out looking for revenge! Naturally there would have to be some Predators lurking about as well. It has some scope for various capture missions as well as collecting samples. The finale could be the teams having to get to exfil zones whilst being chased down.... It might benefit from a proper ammo limit like 1000 rounds carried, with rearming at bases only to ramp up the tension
  10. 4th november sounds like a winner, I think I have that off work already Must think of a costume..
  11. I always fancied Far Cry themed airsoft: Team of wise-cracking CIA operatives in hawaiin shirts vs a team of stetson-wearing Mercenary rednecks. The CIA team would have to make a "beach" landing, then fight the mercs over various bases and secret bunkers (or their entrances at least) and locate or capture evil-science related stuff like samples, lab notes or hideous shuffling monsters. They will be hampered in this task by the terrifying mutant experiments called Trigens which will be played by marshalls/NPCs/a team of sadists wearing gorilla suits and maybe grass skirts. They will be immortal and carry machine guns. They'd hostile to both teams and would jump out of bushes, chase people and generally cause hairy mayhem. It would be a good summer time game because that is as close as Otley gets to being a tropical island It might suit being played with a bit more structure like radio comms and possibly a mild ammo limit.
  12. According to google it should be around 2519 - 2521 if its intended to be set around the time of the series and film
  13. # Players of War doesnt ring a bell im afraid, must be someone else
  14. Its a bit 11th hour but myself and keith can make it down this weekend. We'd like to go on Capitol Americas please Nicky Austin Keith Brown both paying full and would like breakfast please