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  1. Is there going to be a zombie game for Halloween this year
  2. Didnt like the first or last games and seen a few people not taking hits, but apart from that had a great day with some great games
  3. How much is the night game
  4. Hi does any one know, when the next zombie game is and where it will be held. cheers
  5. Great day, apart from losing my car keys. But still really enjoyed it
  6. Cheers mate will leave it a few days
  7. yeah ive read this thanks, i took out bronze membership online yesterday. I just need my membership number for my UKARA form
  8. Where can i get my membership number from. cheers
  9. Im going to go down to the shop n have a look to see which gun feels right lol going to order soome goggles so i dont have to where the full face mask
  10. The groupon day was in september
  11. Cheers Bill all helpfull not sure on a gun yet i liked the black ak which martin had at bolton but the mp5 with mufler took my fancy as well
  12. How do i go about getting my full UKARA. The next time i can come is the 17th november that will be my 3rd time the first was a groupon day does that count. Keep looking at the shop cant make my mind up what to go for my first gun. When this shop ones in Manchester i'll be like a kid in a sweet shop lol
  13. Cheers, my facebook is Keyser Soze with a profile pic of a sniper.
  14. Hi lm al, new to airsoft. Been manchester woodland had a great time will be coming back. Would like to say a big thanks to Bolton Hades for taking me under there wing cheers lads