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  1. Jamie, thank you very much for that excellent video. Looks top quality and will definitely be coming on the 22nd (and bringing over a few other Yorkshire folk too! ) Matt
  2. First time on this site Was absolutely fantastic, good play all around and brilliant games too!
  3. Another good day. The standard was clearly picked up after the second game. Was especially great to see guerrilla style tactics from the defensive team on moving up the hill from the village, making it a very tough job for the attackers to advance. See you in a months time (at Leeds Fest next time round!)
  4. Welcome to the sport, Bear! Plenty of good sites for you to choose from over that neck of the woods; hope you enjoy them as much as your first time at the hive, it's what it's all about! Matt
  5. Good day given the numbers that turned up and was made better by the effort of both teams, with some good tactics used by both. My highlight of the day personally was the last game and is transcripted below: *Sneaks to top of hill by the emplacement* -Pulls out pistol- Me - "Surrender, Sam..." -Brief look of shock/panic on Sams face- Sam - "Nope!" *ducks* -Pistol over the top and two/three shots- Sam - "ARRRHHHH..... Right on the cock.....!" *Matt subsequently gets obliterated by the rest of Sams team* Cheers guys!
  6. Hi

    Welcome Ben If ever you're over the other side of the pennines, pop up to Otley and bring your M4, it's a very good woodland site! A few of us from Yorkshire are coming over to a few games in Bolton/The Hive/Anzio at some point. Perhaps may see you there! Cheers, Matt
  7. I imagine that the right amount of remote detonated MK5's would do quite nicely for this...!!!
  8. Ok so how about (are you ready for this?) Situation - During the intense fighting between all the factions in recent weeks, it has become increasingly apparent that something stupifyingly comical very mysterious has been observing the scenes of horror from the depths of the woods. It has decided to take matters into its own hands/paws to secure its home. A UN Science envoy sent to investigate sightings of a creature of an unknown species has gone missing. Their last communication was that their findings were nearing a worrying conclusion and would forward them on their next and final communication. The communication was never sent. The area is still a part of a frontier land, very much in territorial dispute; two property tycoons have hired their own specialist contractors to investigate the possible existence of the creature known as.... the Sasquatch...! THE LEGENDARY OTLEY SASQUATCH HUNT! Objective - There are two teams, both of which share the same objectives, which are as follows: Attempt to locate the missing UN team and gather as much intelligence, both material and verbal on the possible location, habits and activities observed on the creature. The survivors (if any) will no doubt trade this information as a reward for their safe extraction from the area. The proof of existance is all that is required of the creature. It is highly dangerous and has adapted to the methods of warfare it has seen humans use in various conflicts throughout the region. You can stun the creature, take a photo with your team with it to prove you found it first (resulting in millions of pounds reward for its picture from your employer). HOWEVER, your employer grows ever curious as to the creatures identity and if it is indeed the legendary sasquatch, it would potentially serve as a lucrative business to capture the creature and allow millions pay to see it in captivity. If that is the case, capture the sasquatch and extract it to the exfil point, ALIVE. Each team has the same objectives, however both are potentially harmful to one anothers contract, and both are armed to deal with the rival team if necessary. The very nature of being a contractor means that you as an individual will work for the highest bidder...Will each member of the team stay loyal to one another? Will both teams fight to the death, or will they trust each other for a time until they potentially betray their rival colleagues to the bullet.....or the hand of the sasquatch? The first team to photograph themselves with the sasquatch (cameras held by the marshals) and extract with the evidence, or manage to extract the sasquatch alive, wins. SASQUATCH RULES, The sasquatch cannot be killed. Gunshots will only slow the creature, but cannot paralyse it. To paralyse the sasquatch for a short while, it must be knife killed or pyro'd within the usual distance of a pyro kill. The UN scientists have worked on a tranquiliser that can paralyse the sasquatch for approximately 10 minutes. However there is only one vial, and the holder may wish to trade the vial for a gun to protect himself...(or protect the creature from the contractors - sub plot spoilers!!!) The sasquatch can run and can attack. A simple touch/tap from the sasquatch counts as a devastating swipe theat disembowels with razor sharp claws, and as such kills a player instantly. PLAYER DEATH RULES - Decided on the day of play. What do we think guys? I think it would be a perfect game for the dense forestry Otley provides and would be very unique! Good laugh in to process too Matt
  9. I like this idea, Jake! For the hit rules, if you're hit, you instantly go back for infinite regen, without the need of a medic? That way it could probably make it a bit more fast paced and even more dynamic?
  10. Hi Martin, I'm looking for a GBB AMT Hardballer (The longslide 1911). Would you know if it's possible to get one in or could you please point me in the right direction of finding one? Cheers Matt
  11. Found a Vietnam battle scenario that could use alot of the woods, intel capturing, infiltration, elements of controversial evidence to be potentially found for extra points... Just a thought Matt