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  1. Jamie , People will moan for the first few times, If you let them moan themselves out, 1 of 2 things will happen. Theyll go and play somewhere else (not a great loss) or theyll be on time next time. Im guilty of it at Bolton, no one rushes us so why rush our selves? If Sam made people miss the first bit of the first game they would be there on time. I dont get how it didnt work with the 'vets' though. From the way you have written it it seems they were getting up set about being punished for breaking the rules. Wheres the problem. If you think you can do without the safety brief because you are experienced then end up getting booted for breaking basic rules, then the surely the system is working. If I broke a basic rule (cmon theyre all basic) then I would epect to be punished for it (and I have been) The sorts of people who would moan about being punished for breaking the rules, are they that much of an asset? Let em go play somewhere else and moan there
  2. Soon
  3. Was a good day with some good games, gameplay was spot on. I agree with chris about the schedule though. If you feel its necessary to publish the timeline, every effort should be made to stick to it. Ive been guilty of not being there on time in the past. If its going to take 45 mins start it at 0905. Theres no more than 10 relevant points to a brief (hits, medics, radio /game shouts, safety and bannable stuff) so imo should take no longer than 20 mins. Or if ypu dont get game on till half ten, play till half four. Friendly fire, I know in some instances its a matter of reflexes, but I got hit by a few where the perp was stood behind us, if you cant check your targets in that sort of situation imo you shouldnt really be playing with guns, toy or otherwise. If you walk from the brief, and climb in the same window as a team mate, how, 30 secs later do you shoot said team mate while saying " I didnt know what team you were on" Engage brain before target.
  4. Matt Sears (gold) Dan Frear Chris B Will W Dunk All walk ons Thanks
  5. Sorry for the last minute booking Matt Sears, Own kit
  6. I only thought that because after I'd done it, I wasnt sure it was legit myself. Apologies if my earlier post came across negatively
  7. I had been hit. I walked past you with my hand up back to our regen (wank hut) You had no one within 15ft of the hut or even looking at it, so it was still open. Maybe you should have realised that I was walking past you with my hand up for a reason and watched to see where I went. Not too many places to go over that way
  8. Yeah was quality day as Mr Megatron has stated. I also really like playing when its low numbers. Best set of hires ive seen in ages, not scared to get stuck in or listen to helpful pointers. IMO the capture the flag game at the beginnig was a bit bone, but it was OK for getting warmed up.Few more details in the afternoon brief would have been good as well. The RED team were under the impression that the YELLOWS had to get their objectives in to Nigel. All in all though a great day, one of the best in ages at bolton
  9. Yeah that would be interesting to see. Dunk was the only one who managed to make it into the pub when the slide came out, unless he was doing it at every available oppurtunity
  10. Yeah Id go along with what Will has said. If you want to try a milsim type game there a re companies that do solely these types of games. Although I would like to see the vets days come back, might not make as much money on them but if its what the players want them then it would be like giving a bit back to the guys who like more serious games.
  11. Think half of my 'deaths' came from you.
  12. I echo dan and pricey's comments. The morning games were really good, but some people seemed to leave their common sense in the safe zone after dinner. felt like people were just lighting up anything that moved without even checking what they were firing at, saw a few instances of it and was on the end of it more than once. And the guy who was putting bursts into adams back while he was blatantly dead and trying to remove his 249. Then after being told by 4 people that adam was already hit,he lit him up again. You know who you are and you are a tosser Apart from that was a good day
  13. Was a good day, one of the best in while The morning game was epic, didnt notice how fast the whole morning went by. Good game in the afternoon as well, the yellows really held us up trying to get to nigel One thing i would say is would it possible to run the games like this in future, we worked out we lose about an hour through out theday by doing shorter games and then having to be rebriefed in between( which is pretty much equvilant to a decent game). Everyone seemed to manage ok, so not to physical really. Also gives us a chance to have more involving games in the morning rather than just after lunch. The longer games also make people think more about their movement and tactics
  14. Nah we wernt camping it, as you say we came and were gone within about 4 mins
  15. Usually its when a regen point comes under attack it closes for 5 or 10 minutes so people cant just stand in regen shooting out, kind of adds anothere small objective , to stop them being reinforced. If we were unable to move through the area where your regen was it would mean that half the area was out of bounds with the only way to attack sandbags being along the ridge