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  1. Darryl Moore Ryan Moore Derek Redfern Angelo Di Vito
  2. 7/5/2016 Open day Another G&G AK handgaurd/gas block release lever... Lost somewhere in the safe zone by the area where the food is served.
  3. We've got another who wants to tag along. It's not too late, is it? Joppe Larsen - own kit
  4. Yeah we're so down for this. Darryl Moore Ryan Moore Derek Redfern Keith Fox Barry Broadhurst Dave Mycroft All own kit.
  5. 30/1/2016 Open Day (and the last time I lend any kit out!) 1 Tokyo Marui HK45 Magazine baseplate. Unknown where it was lost as came off the magazine in question while retained in a pouch. No identifiable markings or obvious damage. 1 G&G AK gas tube release lever (you know, the little switch thing on the right-hand side of all AKs where the upper handguard attaches to the rear sight mount and receiver) Fell out when the gun was dropped. Lost somewhere in the grassy patch between the Embassy and D2/D3. Thanks chaps/lady-chaps!
  6. I doubt this will be found, but I figure it's worth a shot...: Date: Saturday 13th September Item: Nine Ball Tritium front sight for P226 Description: Whole front sight for a TM-style 226, with a glow-in-the-dark red dot. Last seen on the ground outside D4 on the West-facing side, just underneath the 2nd/3rd ground floor window in the long grass. Lost while firing out of said window and gone by the time I went over to retrieve it.
  7. Does it have to be the Crane stock version? I've got a full-stocked version for sale on this very forum...
  8. No worries. Unfortunately, some people have to deal with all this 'real life' malarkey (pfft), and don't get chance to upload for quite a while. Just keep lurking, and eventually, they shall appear.
  9. Often takes a few days for these things to appear, especially if there were loads of photos taken. I'd lurk on the Facebook group every now and again if you can. Generally that's the first place these things appear.
  10. I have no idea what you're talking about... ¬_¬ Also, thanks for the encouraging words. First time as a marshal, and I guarantee it won't be the last. Blame Dazza - the 'aim-for-the-balls' hadn't been run by Sam, and I don't think he enjoyed it too much...
  11. Everything above. Seconded. Also, sorry Ice for the repeated wrist shots. I'm just that good, I couldn't help but try and write my name in bruises... ¬_¬
  12. If there ever was an argument for F&O to host more night games, that was it. Just next time, pick a colder day...
  13. Airsoft is a good avenue for new experiences, and Anzio camp is king among them. Though saying that, I'm not sure 'dragging men twice my age into toilet cubicles' is something many people have on their bucket list... Back on topic - excellent day. Pity about the weather, though. Us Brits whinge when it's bad, but christ, I'd like the temperature to drop, even just a little bit. Other than that, no issues whatsoever regarding play. I don't think I've ever seen such an even match in terms of teams, though there were a few stalemates due to the consistent high level of play. Anybody know what the huge crash was just before lunch? I wasn't sure whether to stop in case of a ceasefire or to play on.
  14. What are you saying? Some airsoft guns run on batteries now? What kind of fascist sorcery is this?