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  1. After stoke council approved development plans for anzio camp in late 2015, whats the future look like for the site? Any ideas on timescales etc and are first and only helping to appeal this decision? Thanks guys. Ps sorry for the negative topic but this is my favourite airsoft site and would like some info! Thanks
  2. From everyone I spoke to on the day the main reason for this was only being colour tagged on one arm. On previous times at this site, BOTH arms where marked with a colour. I spent most of the day asking and being asked what colour taggs people were, which seemed to slow play down quite a bit and stopped any natural flow of the games.
  3. Despite the issues I mentioned, I still had a good day. I did see a yellow take a really bad fall as he ran down the ridge to try and medic a fellow team mate. He seemed to slide along on his face, legs in air! Hope he was ok!
  4. Thanks, I guess changing regen would cause confusion! Anyway it was a good day and I will come back Cheers
  5. It was a good day dont get me wrong, just I felt there were a few more issues than normal. Still had a good day, does anyone have a link to the photos? Cheers
  6. To walk from the game to the other end of the safe zone (bottom end of the warehouse style building) would take longer than 5 mins nevermind reloading BB's and getting back. Maybe this should be taken into account?
  7. Overall had a good day apart from a few issues that I would like to bring up... Hit taking by some yellows was terrible, the worst I had seen. One yellow got hit fully auto by me and a mate at the same time (we were stood next to each other) the yellow was approx 20 meters away got hit all over the body and he turned around and run away to hide! WTF! Some of the red team would not respawn but stand around in the regen point chatting while the other reds were getting pushed right back making it hard for the reds to gain any ground. Its my opinion that the teams should have been mixed up after lunch to make it more fair. Its not great when you are always on the back foot with some of the team not pulling their weight. Also we got stuck in pretty much the same places, with the sun in our eyes, is it possible to change regen points during the day to mix it up a little bit? Another issue was being told in the morning that the perimeter had a fence and in the fence was in bounds, then to be told in game that the red sign was the limit? This was not communitcated very well in the morning breif. If the red sign is the game boundary please make this clear before the game. I have no idea why we were shouted at like little kids when we didnt get to a game brief. About 30 of us at the far end of the safe zone were told by a marshall to move out and go to the game brief. I left immediatley and was turned back by a marshall!! Said we had missed the game brief! Total mis-communication by marshalls in my opinion and then to be shouted at and swore at like it was our fault! Trust me I understand everyone wants to play as much as possible (including me!) but if 30 of us dont know the next game is starting then I dont see why we were to blame. I paid £35, I want to play as much as anyone else so I wouldnt have done this on purpose. The last issue - last game pistols v AEGs. We moved through embassy to flank them held up in pub, only to run into a group of people listening to a marshall behind D5. We were confused what was going on, asked a marshall to be told "we are not part of your game". Nice, thanks for letting us know before sending us out there!
  8. Some great pics there! It was a great day
  9. I really enjoyed the day. It was my first time to this site and I have to say its prob one of the best I've been to! It was well worth the drive up. I liked the longer games, it lets the fighting flow and a real battle emerge! It was funny when one of my team mates pulled me through one of the windows of D1 and I fell flat on my face Would like to see the pics!