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  1. Ive been thinking the same mate, havent been to this site yet so would like to trybit out
  2. Jake sykes Adam fry Andy betteridge All meat, all own kit See you sunday
  3. Where is this site? Is it a new one?
  4. Two please felix Jake Sykes - meat- own kit Adam Fry - meat- own kit Thanks mate
  5. Two please felix; Jake Sykes - meat - own kit Adam Fry - meat - own kit Thanks mate
  6. Can I book in two for this Sunday please Felix Jake Sykes - own kit - meat Adam Fry - own kit - meat Thanks, see you there
  7. 1 more please felix Ash Jakhu, own kit, vegetarian thanks
  8. 4 please Jake Sykes - own kit - meat Adam fry - own kit - meat Andy betteridge - own kit - meat Andy ford - own kit - meat Thanks See you there
  9. Four please Jake sykes Adam fry Andy ford Andy betteridge All meat and own kit thanks
  10. Can i add 2 more please Andy betteridge Andy ford Both own kit Both meat Thanks Jake
  11. 2 please felix Jake sykes Adam fry Both own kit + meat see you there
  12. Can me and my mate sign up fora bronze membership on sunday? Thanks Jake
  13. Hi, Jake sykes - own kit - meat Adam fry - own kit - meat Thanks
  14. Hi Felix, Jake sykes Adam fry Both own kit, both meat Thort ild book in early :-) Thanks
  15. You can use any weight you want mate, its just tht .2g have to be used for chrono. If im right? Soneone correct me if im not :-)