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  1. I know it's late, but oh well it's worth a try! I've got some random kit and equipment that I am going to be selling at the Corp Wars event tomorrow. First and foremost is a MOD DELETED that I got today. There is plenty of other stuff for sale too, including a broken MOD DELETED, a set of comtacs, aabb 1911 carbine kit, leather garand sling and other random bits and bats! If you are interested. Send me a pm! Otherwise, I will be playing for the imperials, driving a White seat ibiza! Cheers ladies and gents!
  2. Just paid the full amount for Sunday only (working Saturday I'm afraid!). Should be from [email protected]
  3. That would be me four leaf! We survived- might not have made it to the armoury, but weve got plenty of new zombie neighbours to keep us company! I had a fantastic day. After hearing the hype feomthe other djinn lads I was already looking forward to it. I think the day worked well, and having to wait a little bit for the zombies to set up was far better than only encountering a few. My highlights: Having my shotgun "jam" as a horde approached. Aaaagh! Raiding the medical block in game three- that building is hard enough to fight through on a normal skirmish day, but with no light, zombies sneaking in, I was getting very nervous! The final stand- in the pub, the movable wall started to, well, move! I dived at it to try and push it back into place. No- one helped me...... I had zombies clawing at me from round the corner as I tried my hardest to shove the wall back. Then we all ran away Frear and Harrisson abandoning me- no love for fellow djinn? Shame on you! Well, I survived anyway!!! My favourite point- all the players of the zombie horde. You guys made the day. You all got into the part! My favourites were the guy in the tesco jumpsuit and the fella who fell through a window in d1. Good job! Can't make the April one, but I will definitly be down to the one after that!
  4. I had a great days play today. Aside from having 2 of my guns pack in on me, and losing a socom mag! I enjoyed the long games (as always) and I think giving the new players "training" really seemed to help. Usually, they just bumble about without a clue. But today they were working with purpose! If anyone found a socom mag (with a smudge of White paint on the base) let me know!
  5. That was me, yeah! Git.... But seriously, very good position! After you ducked back down after hitting me, i completely lost you again! Good show!
  6. Loved it Loved it loved it loved it! I had a fantastic day and it just shows the quality of players that we have in the FaO teams. I didnt hear any of the complaining that you see at the normal open days. It's just a shame we lost a good chunk of our team on the day to transport issues! I spent the first hour of the day waiting in ambush near the dam, waiting for the VIP to cross. Harrisson and the cloth of inVisibility just did the job for us! Some of my personal highlights: -our assault from sandbag onto hamburger. -being captured by Jamie after the sneaky beggar shot me in the back after I walked no less than 5 feet from his position. -actually being able to use a support weapon as a support weapon rather than a big aeg. I had a few issues with the drum mag on my MG36, but it performed like a stunner. I got one of my longest shots so far- from the top of hamburger down to the treeline of the campsite. So, which one of the FaO teams is taking the challenge next?!
  7. Due to my work being absolute arses, I'm now not available to play this game. Severely gutted about it too! Please remove Adam Berry from the government forces.
  8. Oh and Jamie, when did you get your tooth shot out?!?!
  9. I will stick down the first comment from the Djinn mercenaries! Today was an absolutely fantastic day! As said, the weather was almost perfect ( I saw a good few gbb pistols venting from cold magazines). The games were varied and very challenging and entertaining. You guys think you got confused when we came back with a different coloured armband? At one point our team was split in two with differen colours! We all enjoyed the sneaky side of things! We all also commented on the fantastic level of play from all the new players. Usually, you see lots of rentals and groan. You fellas played fantastically and took to the rules and the games like ducks to water! I particuarly enjoyed the last game, where me and Harrisson teamed up- him taking long range shots with his sniper rifle and me engaging at close range with my mp5, both of us calling out targets as we charged towards the safe zone! My favourite part of the day- walking back to regen, passing the djinn crawling to the edge of the top of a hill near the river. I wondered what the hell they were doing- then I realised why! 90% of the blue team were facing the other way and about to get ambushed! 10 seconds afte passing the enemy lines, I just heard " there's guys behind us!" and the djinn guns letting rip! It made me smile, it did! Once again, well played everyone!
  10. The fates are conspiring against me- I need to stay close to home this weekend, so I won't be able to make it out to play here (heading to Bolton instead now). Please can I be removed from the list (and I bought a bloody duster jacket too!)
  11. Right, finally managed to free myself up so I can now attend! So.... Dr Adam Berry, Medicine Man- purveyor of cures, medicines and poultices for any occasion. Own kit Saturday and Sunday( will try to get down on Friday night if possible!)
  12. Just sent full payment through now. Please can you remove Ben Smith as he is unable to attend.
  13. Adam Berry- own kit- meat- elchubaneebrays Ben Smith- own kit- meat- elchubaneebrays Deposit will be coming asap.
  14. Can you provisionally book me and my mate in? My work hoursay change, but I don't believe they will Adam Berry- own kit Ben Smith- own kit
  15. Unfortunately, I am going to have to drop out. A new job mean I can have the weekend off! I may be able to come down on either Saturday or Sunday, but I will just pay the extra if I can. Sorry fellas, I'm going to miss not playing this one....