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  1. Going to be starting at the Embassy soon with my son will have two spare seats from Peterborough let me know.
  2. Been away for a bit and noticed that gbb and spring games are gas smg still allowed in normal games thanks.
  3. Haveing problems with my kwa 18c think the loading nozel has gone again as will fire one shot and then will not chamber next bb are thay easy to get and fit any ideas guys pls help aaaahhhhh.
  4. hi mate its scott just spoke to you on the phone about 2 places for the embassy on the 2nd march,if you get anybody that drops out pls put me down 1 or 2 places details scott mckay own kit meateater. joshua mckay own kit meateater thanks again for your help mate.
  5. ha ha ha.nice one djinn
  6. nice one guys i bow to your knowledge and experiance wise oricals.
  7. Anzio looks a great place to hold FF just need some ships and REEVERS....long live the browncoats.
  8. can anybody let me know the footwear policy think its boots was going to buy some lowa but thay cost 50-60 quid but have found my local sports and soccer have some great walking boots od green,and sand brown for 20-25 quid would these be ok cheers
  9. was going to embassy on the 2nd if i came along to the asylum and paid for silver membership on the day would that be ok,for the free game and just pay for my son ie £60+£50=£110 (60 for silver membership+50 sons game and gun.) thanks scott.
  10. have been waiting months getting my kit sorted spoke to felix last wk and was ready to play at the embassy 2/2/13 daughter woke up at 5am ill all my kit is standing ready with no place to go,just wanted to say sorry i could not make it will def be there on 2/3/13 even have back up this time got the wife to book the day off,she looked kinda happy like she was getting rid of me and the guns.i keep getting a strange look as im walking around the house fully kitted out no im not a nut job just a dad look forward to meating you all thanks scott. just wondering if my so who is 16 would be able to come with me to look around as he wants to start just a bit shy thanks
  11. not saying i dont think ukara is a good thing you need to have a control of who buys guns and then uses them in the correct way ie at a verified site with correct rules ie ukara dealers data base,just thought i would get that in before anybody thinks i am against ukara thanks scott.
  12. many thanks for the reply cannot wait i think i may wear the guns out if i strip and clean them any more lol,and if my wife sees me getting kitted up and wandering about the house could be time for dads padded cell look forward to meating you all out there thanks scott.
  13. thanks jaybloke i myself have looked into this just wanted clarity,ukura was mainly brought in by dealers.shops ect so they could see who were buying guns so not to sell them to somebody who would hold up your local post office and theen have the sport banned and traiders would not have a sport to sell to thanks again for your help scott.
  14. many thanks guys for all your help.
  15. wanting to use them at the embassy,will i need to get memership to use my guns if i have no ukara.