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  1. Hi Felix, could you please add - Robin Smith and Brett Smith, both own kit and meat eaters. Thanks
  2. Hi Felix, Robin Smith Brett Smith Own kit + meat eaters Thanks
  3. Hi Felix, can you please add, Robin Smith Brett Smith own kit, meat eaters
  4. Myself and my son Brett had a cracking time, wasn't sure if I would make through the full day in that heat but some how managed it, thanks to Felix and his marshals for making it a great day again. Robin Smith
  5. Hi Felix, Robin Smith Brett Smith Own kit - meat eaters Thanks
  6. Hi Felix, Booked on link Robin Smith, Hire, Meat Brett Smith, Hire, Meat Thanks
  7. Hi Felix, can you please book in Robin Smith & Brett Smith plus 2 hires, booked on the link Thanks
  8. Hi Felix, can you please book in, Robin Smith + hire (booked on link) Brett Smith + hire (booked on link) Thanks
  9. Lmao, best Harlem shake I have seen yet
  10. Well my first ever go at airsoft at age 54 (55 in a few months), me and my son who is also a first timer ended up on the "pinkies" (banded team), some one shouted game on and off we went, I being a old fart thought mmm what do we do now lol, so I followed a bunch of peeps up through the wood and soon got into a fire fight, stuck my head round a tree and got shot in the mouth straight away (forgot to pull my scarf up over me mouth) and swallowed a couple of bb's to boot lmao, good shot btw whoever it was, after taking a few moor hits and the long treks to the spawn point I was knackered so decided I would play it a bit more cagey. I waited for a group of us to go back up through the wood and we soon got into a cracking fight and managed to get a couple of kills before I got it. I must say that by the end of the day the old joints had give up on me and my leg muscles felt like bits of steel, but I had the best time for ages, met some really great people and had some great laughs (one in particular was one of our team intending to get a pyro into the door of cedars and it ending up on the flat roof above the door and the other the guy with the M4 looking gun (forgive my ignorance) that either had a stuck trigger or couldn't get his finger out lol. Thanks to all the marshals for the great job and also a special mention to the two ladies who sorted us with ammo and food Muzleflash aka Robin
  11. Hi, I am going to the asylum open day on Sunday 3rd March, will I be able to get my membership card and bronze badge at the same time, also my son would like a bronze membership can he pay on the same day as I have tried to do it using my paypal account but it wont let me because I have used it for mine. Thanks Muzleflash58 aka Robin
  12. Hi Felix can you please put Robin Smith and Brett Smith on the list for Sunday booked through the link with hire. Thanks
  13. opps wrong one
  14. Thanks for the advise and support guys
  15. Thanks Varg, yes we were told about the RIF/UKARA thing when we enquired at the Birmingham Armoury shop. Muz