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  1. 220 round ak mag lost on grass land near overflow carpark cheers
  2. Cracking day thanks all involved
  3. Well all in all a good day really well run as always. My only gripe is as stated in the initial brief its a game of honour and most of the time this is totally adhered to and I totally understand hits are not always felt for whatever reasons.but not only witnessed by myself on several occasions some players almost had an immunity to hits essentially we are recreating , acting out scenarios call it what you will and the main point fun ! It really is annoying well gripe over . As said another cracking event bruised and beaten and a head that feels like I've been stung by a1000 wasps weldone on another great day. Appollogies in advance for the negativity but if it aint said it ain't sorted
  4. Great day massive site need a week off to recover thanks to all staff really well run .
  5. is this for wrexham ??
  6. plenty of long hi caps thanks for the advice cheers .its pritty hard going prone without digging a hole with me racing spoon ,its a multi role gat method in the madness.
  7. Price and availability on ak short 220rd mags please
  8. Eddie your pm ain't working .names your after pal Matt wright Matt pilling and dale Owen on the work party today cheers
  9. agreed great day fast and furious game play ak ran like train.if anyone suffered a head injury I have a kevlar for sale lollol