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    Starting an airsoft team for anyone else who is twelve cuz I am

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    im awesome
  1. ok thanks!!
  2. thanks
  3. ok but i can still train with itit?
  4. yep. but i need directions like how toget there
  5. the academy, leamington spa?
  6. the academy, leamington spa?
  7. can any on give me directions to the academy?
  8. oh
  9. it doesnt come with one
  10. should i use for this gun
  11. hey guys it says april fools
  12. thanks man im getting a desert eagle .44 magnum (clear) for my birthday
  13. how do i join a f&o team
  14. ok thanks
  15. hi guys im leo giacalone i live in Leamington and am 12 i was wondering if anyone wanted to start a team?