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  1. If you click on the booking link in the event description above it tells you the names of the people alread registered for the event..... Give it a try.
  2. Give the shop a call to chase it up. Also I'm sure they have a Mauri 416 recoil in stock! Two birds, one stone and all that!
  3. Am I in it? If not just delete it!
  4. Ha ha ha! Yes face pro' is a must!
  5. Hi pal, Yes you can easily just run pistol at this site! Pistol and a light belt rig and you will own the place!
  6. Apologises for the late post but I am unable to attend this evening.
  7. How did I know it would be you Carl... lol
  8. Thanks Pal! Thought I was loosing my marbles!
  9. Thinking on..... Was it MK4's being used???
  10. I just vaguely remember being pleasantly surprised that MK5's where being used. I must of overheard ( incorrectly! )
  11. I was sure they were being sold and used at the last night game! My memory is not the best though!
  12. Now that we can use MK 5 Pyro at the Hive and seeing as the decibel levels are similar can we now use 9mm blanks in our BFG's?
  13. "Grammar matters!" 3:20 :P
  14. Me too exactly the same! oh and two front teeth!