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  1. Hi Dave I go most of the time on my own. If you shoot in the direction as everyone else then your in! lol Trust me you will make plenty of friends! As i only play indoors (CQB) i can get away with just a hand gun (WE Dragon 7.0) but I have 4 normal and 1 Hi-cap mags. In a fire-fight you can quickly run out (and I only shot at what I can see). From what Ive seen in the videos, you will need plenty of mags. Go and enjoy!
  2. Great site and its well run! Hope it will still be there next month.
  3. Hi Guys I am planning to get a new gun in the new year and I thought id check to see if my licence is up to date. Its expired! Ive been playing all year (about once per month) Player Name: Fraank Tennant My licence number: FAO01105 Postcode: CV1 4GT Email address: [email protected] Date of Birth: 02-12-1960 Thanks Guys for a greay year!
  4. Im 54 and I only started last year. I have arthritis in both hips and knees but i still play HARD!! Love it
  5. Hi All I have been thinking about this for a long while now, DRONES! I know the military use them so i to have been looking at some just to help pinpoint hard to hit, dug in targets! CQB and outdoors! http://www.rcmodsuk....quadcopter.html review what do you guys think?
  6. Booked and ready.......I think. New gun to try plus a new look!
  7. What's classed as "Fancy Dress"? Has it got to be festive?
  8. Thanks for a great day! you guys rock!!!
  9. Hello Joker I to have also played the Embassy and loved it. I also love the Academy in Leamington Spa. Its also an indoor site but tighter that the Embassy. Close combat all the time! Heres the address: Old Lower School Cloister Way Leamington Spa Warwickshire CV32 6QFE
  10. Hi All I have been to the Academy and got shot to pieces!! I had so much fun, I going to do it again. (Pay back time) My P90 was running hot for that day so I had to use a hire gun but that never stopped me having so much fun! Ive just go a new gearbox for it as I broke the other one in my shooting range I setup at home over this bank holiday weekend (Doh) but the new one should be here at any time I hope! Looking forward to the next skirmish in 2 weeks time.
  11. Yah! Im back with a working P90!