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  1. Hi had a email saying my ukara has run out , I've paid my membership as usual just checking its up to date dominic leigh cheers
  2. Can you book on here any more ??? Doesn't seem to be threads any more , 12 th may
  3. Dominic leigh bradley Evans own kit sat 3 march
  4. Dominic leigh x3 Own kit
  5. Dominic leigh plus 2 Own kit Can you bring my 416 please
  6. Dominic leigh own kit
  7. I can't see a problem with that mate , it should be fine
  8. When does this site open is it the 17 th of may ?
  9. Yeah the longer games are better , good day all round
  10. Welcome pal , you'll enjoy it
  11. Yes mate , they have them there it's just as easy to fill one out on the day , should be a good day !!!
  12. Great day , and what a handsome chap on the video
  13. Great day , good play from both teams , thanks everyone
  14. O you'll get shot mate , but will have an excellent day , not played it myself as Sundays rant good for me but its a great site pal