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  1. Booked in. Take it I won't have to pay ought extra on the day as I paid £30.
  2. Scratch that, I'm working that weekend so won't be able to make it
  3. Andrew Lewis, own kit, carnivore. Will book in when I get time. I have spare one of these for use if someone needs a shotgun: http://www.actionhobbies.co.uk/ASG-Franchi-Tactical_ATICF.aspx#.U2NNmYm9LTo
  4. Some great footage from what was a fun event
  5. Be prepared mate, you're going to get a fair few people telling you the same thing: don't choose a bolt action/sniper rifle as your first gun. Takes a lot of time and hassle getting them 'just right'. Stick to a decent AEG and you'll enjoy it more before deciding on whether to go for being a sniper. Oh and welcome to the hobby, it's addictive haha
  6. We were all new once mate, no one minds
  7. Welcome back to the hobby mate!
  8. Welcome to the forum and hobby mate! As a previous poster said you'd be best sticking to an M4 as a 'first gun' since parts/magazines are cheap and available pretty much anywhere. A few I'd recommend would be the G&G combat machines, ICS sportline M4s or any Tokyo Marui platform if you have the cash. That said, try a few different gun styles since you never know which sort may feel more 'right' (I'm more partial to shotguns myself).
  9. Booked in, looking forward to it
  10. Now booked in, looking forward to it Any news on future sites yet?
  11. Some great pics, especially pleased since I'm in three of them
  12. Andrew Lewis - Own kit - Carnivore Will book in once I get paid.
  13. Booked in for me (own kit) and my friend (hire package). Both carnivores. Both of us looking forward to it
  14. Right that's Christmas sorted for pretty much everyone I know
  15. Booked in, cannot wait! Still got the marks from the last time I came down haha